9 Super Affordable Gifts For Mum This Mother's Day

#8 is a gift that both you AND mum can enjoy together!

Mother's Day is coming up again. And yes, while it may be a commercial holiday that we all groan and moan at, think about the bigger picture.

You're doing this for the most AMAZING woman in your life. Heck, you don't have to wait to do this once a year. Your mum deserves this kind of pampering all year round and not just on Mother's Day.

Still, you don't want her to be the only mum on Mother's Day not receiving a lovely gesture, right?

So, whether you're here to sincerely find her something she will love or if you're here to guiltily and hastily find her something special...

Here's the Asian Money Guide 2018 Mother's Day gift guide:

1. The eco-loving gift: Click And Grow

mother's day gift guide

Source: Click and Grow

Most of us live in high rise residences and may not be able to have a garden. But you can make mummy dearest's dreams come true with an indoor garden!

It's the gift that keeps on giving — not only can she enjoy honing her green thumb, she can also enjoy the freshly grown vegetation from her indoor garden once it has fully grown! How awesome is that?

AMG bonus: Use this promo code for a 10% discount!

Price: From $99.95

2. A personal assistant: Google Home

mother's day gift guide

Source: Google Home

Its tagline is 'Help is here" and what better way to pamper mummy on Mother's Day than to give her the gift of a helping hand. Teach mum how to use Google Home just ONCE and she will be able to enjoy it for years.

Whether it is to know the weather outside or to play her favourite tunes or just list out her plans for the day, Google Home is the best assistant for her. Plus now with its localised Singapore edition, you can be sure that mum will understand Google Home and vice versa!

Price: $189

3. The prettiest Happy Bunch ever!

mother's day gift guide

Source: Happy Bunch

Whether mum admits it or not (and she might even nag you to not spend money unnecessarily), she will LOVE receiving a bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day. She will simply adore this gorgeous bouquet from Happy Bunch this Mother's Day. It is so beautiful and will put a smile on her face without a doubt.

Price: $68

4. A lifetime of memories with Photobook

mother's day gift guide

Source: Photobook Singapore

For something a little more personalised, getting mum a photobook with all of your lovely memories is the perfect gift. Photobook Singapore is currently having a sale for Mother's Day. Just use the code 'MyQueen' for 50% off storewide*! Oh, and have we mentioned that you can get this done online?

*Terms and conditions apply.

Price: From $33.90

5. The gift that keeps on giving: Rotimatic

mother's day gift guide

Source: Rotimatic

This is a bit of a splurge (but mum's worth it, isn't she?). Rotimatic is a fully integrated device that measures, mixes, kneads, flattens, cooks and makes all the types of breads mum could ever want.

All mum has to do is load fresh ingredients into the device and voila! Her cravings will be instantly satisfied with freshly baked bread.

Price: From $999.

6. A year's worth of Netflix!

mother's day gift guide

Surprise mum by Installing Netflix on her iPad or her phone and link her account to yours or put it on your credit card. It's a great way to keep her entertained with so many entertainment options, from cooking shows to epic dramas to interior design competitions and more.

Price: From $10.98 per month.

7. A custom work of art by Instapainting

mother's day gift guide

Source: Instapainting

Instapainting is AMAZING. It turns ANY photo into a custom oil painting. All you have to do is upload a photo and they will get a professional artist to hand-paint it on canvas! And it is ready to ship in as little as 7 days. Wow!

Price: From $49

8. A holiday by theLuxeNomad

mother's day gift guide

Source: TheLuxeNomad

Sometimes, mum just needs a getaway. So why not get her a luxury holiday stay at a villa by theLuxeNomad? In fact, if you haven't gone on holiday with mum in a long time, then this will be the perfect opportunity to bond with her too. It will surely be a holiday she won't forget.

Price: About $1,450 a night for a luxury villa at Sihanoukville's private island Song Saa

9. A year's supply of groceries delivered straight to her home by Honestbee

mother's day gift guide

Source: Facebook

Make mum's life easier by getting her groceries for a year, delivered straight to her doorstep by Honestbee. You would save her so much time!

Price: $80 per week, depending on her groceries


Which gifts do you think your mum will love this Mother's Day? Let us know in the comments!

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