Hold Off On Buying A MacBook Now! New MacBook Coming Out Soon

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Please let it be affordable!!!

If it’s one thing we can’t live without, it’s our tech gadgets. Ask any Apple user to give up their Apple Watch, MacBook or iPhone for a day, and it just won’t happen. In fact, Apple fans are always on the lookout for new Apple gadgets and it seems like the fairies in Silicon Valley have granted us yet another wish. A new MacBook Air is coming out soon! 

But that is not all. According to a Bloomberg report, the tech giant is also set to release a “professional-focused upgrade to the Mac mini” later this year.

The new Mac mini model is targeted at pro users with new storage and processor options. 

New MacBook Air coming out soon

new macbook air

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But enough about the Mac mini. We all know everyone’s eyes will be peeled on the new MacBook Air. Though we’re not sure if Apple’s new laptop will be called the MacBook Air or it will be the successor to the 12-inch MacBook, Bloomberg reports that it will look similar, but with thinner borders, around the display. (insert love eyes)

Users can expect 13-inch Retina display with a higher resolution. It could mean that Apple will be using the same Super Retina Display on the new MacBook as it uses in the iPhone X. 

If so, we can look forward to higher brightness, a wide colour gamut, and an extremely high contrast ratio for deeper blacks.

new macbook air

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Though we don’t know exactly when the new computers will launch, but if history repeats itself, we’re looking at an October launch, after the unveiling of the new iPhones in September.

There is already much to look forward to with the macOS Mojave, the new software coming to Mac computers later this year. But the new MacBook Air and Mac minis are definitely exciting gadgets to look forward to! And it might be a bit more affordable too (fingers crossed). 


Would you buy a new MacBook Air if Apple launches one? Let us know in the comments. 

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