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Lesley Ngai is tasked to build and develop new verticals and revenue streams that will widen Tickled Media's audience. Prior to Tickled Media, Ngai was Business Lead for various Mediacorp titles, which she grew from print platforms to integrated media brands. Her early career was spent practising law and in people development, focusing on organizational change.

Carla believes the road to self-discovery is one of taking risks, making mistakes and learning from them. Uninfluenced by her metalhead husband’s taste in music, she listens to motown and classic rock and reads cheesy romance novels to give herself a respite from the daily hustle of being regional head of content at Tickled Media.

A third culture kid, Roshni lived in the UK, Singapore, Guangzhou before settling down in Bangkok. Prior to joining Tickled Media in 2013, she worked for a multinational marketing agency, in the research department. She’s still figuring out how to be financially independent while maintaining a fun lifestyle—a journey she hopes to share with women everywhere.

Tiara has been writing all her life. Nothing can compared her passion for words. She started her career as a technology journalist and has a strong background as a creative writer for fintech startups. Giving financial literacy for women is her core-goals. She is also a mother of two beautiful daughters and a makeup-junkie.

Sarah has been a financial journalist for over 5 years. When she isn't writing about finance, she writes about food and travel on her blog at www.foodievstheworld.com. She is also the proud fur-mummy of a Shih Tzu named Yoda.

Previously a journalist at lively and ubiquitous BorneoTalk, In his downtime, Vincent enjoys playing football and learning more about psychology in general.

Before joining the squad, she worked as Foreign News Reporter for a Bangkok-based newspaper for almost 7 years. Apart from news and things going around, she enjoys living in peace at home and owns a homemade bakery business.

Tickled Media’s resident technical whiz is also the co-founder of Cryptocentral.net, a news portal for cryptocurrency, and a featured stock trader on the eToro trading platform. When he’s not working, you might find Alvin doing some Brazilian jiu-jitsu training—he’s medalled in competitions from Singapore to Japan.

Responsible for all things revenue, data, and strategy in Tickled Media, Adrian also oversees engineering and development at AMG. He has worked across multiple disciplines at a senior level across corporations like Virgin and NewsCorps, as well as an experience within agencies and brands. He also previously launched and ran his own businesses across multiple regions.

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