The Queen Uses THIS Trick To Overcome Jetlag — And It's Easy On The Wallet

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If this method is effective for the Queen, it's worth a try. Especially since it doesn't break the bank.

Jetsetters, apart from the long travel hours, if it’s one thing we can all agree on when it comes to the downside of travelling, it is that we wish we could avoid jetlag!

It can be quite a dampener to reach a new country and feel totally crappy because of jetlag.

Re-adjusting to a timezone is a challenge, but seasoned travellers will have tips and tricks they use for overcoming jetlag.

Even the Queen needs help overcoming jetlag

overcoming jetlag

In an interview with The Telegraph, Her Majesty, who is the most well-travelled head of state in history, shares the little quirks and habits she has adopted after years of travelling around the globe.

Her secret weapon to overcoming jetlag? Barley sugar!

The Queen takes the sugar in boiled sweet form. It is believed to help one’s metabolism while adjusting the body to feel hunger at the right times of the day.

It is important to eat and sleep in accordance with your destination's time zone — both en-route and on arrival. This helps re-synchronise the body clock to our new environment.

Dr Nick Knight, shares with The Telegraph that what the Queen is doing essentially using her body’s sugar metabolic pathways to help adjust her body clock when she consumes barley sugar.

Barley sugar is easily bought at any supermarket and is a cheap method for overcoming jetlag.

Other (costlier) methods

overcoming jetlag

Some travellers seek assistance in adjusting to their new timezone by taking sleeping pills. However, this may not be safe in the long run, as you might become dependent on the pills.

A safer option would be to take Ubiquinol supplements, which is a bio-active form of CoQ10. Travelling by flight can be stressful to the body.  Ubiquinol supplements help mitigate the dangerous effects of these stresses.

Melatonin is another popular option travellers use. This is especially helpful for those prone to insomnia.

Another method, which might be quite costly and time-consuming, is to find a hyperbaric oxygen chamber for a one-hour treatment. But sessions can cost north of S$100 per hour and finding hyperbaric oxygen chambers might be a challenge in certain countries.

Along that same strain is IV therapy, where travellers can get their fix of Glutathione (to minimize oxidation after your flight), B vitamins (for mitochondrial support) or saline (to help rehydration).

For something a little more “out there”, some use Quantlets, which utilises light and thermal energy to optimise bodily function.

But when all else fails, go for the basics. Just try drinking water, avoiding heavy foods and try exercising once you have landed.


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