Pat McGrath Labs Is Now Worth More Than Kylie Cosmetics

Pat McGrath Labs Is Now Worth More Than Kylie CosmeticsPat McGrath Labs Is Now Worth More Than Kylie Cosmetics

Pat McGrath Labs, founded by influential makeup artist Pat McGrath is now valued at a billion dollars, beating out competitor Kylie Cosmetics.

Kylie Cosmetics has been a dominant brand since they launched in 2016. And even with a value of US$800 million, Kylie Cosmetics is no longer at the top when it comes to beauty brands. That title now belongs to Pat McGrath labs, an amazing beauty brand started by influential makeup artist Pat McGrath.

Who is Pat McGrath?

Pat McGrath Labs


British makeup artist Pat McGrath is quite literally, a self-made woman. Her mother was a single mum who brought up Pat and her older sister Faith.

Pat had no formal background in makeup. However, she worked hard at her craft and was eventually given a break in the early 90s. Since then, Pat has made a name for herself as the most sought-after makeup artist.

Queen Elizabeth even honored and recognised as a Member of the Order of the British Empire.

Back in 2016, Pat McGrath decided to start her own makeup line, Pat McGrath Labs. While not as famous on social media as Kylie Jenner, Pat McGrath Labs slowly but surely made its way among those in the know. Her products are universally praised by makeup artists for their high quality and unique formulas, and her attention to detail.

Pat designer her bestselling product, Skin Fetish, to recreate the “aliengelic look” she’s known for. It is a dual-ended highlighter that makes it look like your skin is glowing.

Pat McGrath Labs has a value of US$1 billion

Pat McGrath Labs


Unsurprisingly, when the news broke that Pat McGrath Labs now has an estimated value of US$1 billion, her fans were ecstatic!

They took to social media to express their joy over her success:


Truly, Pat McGrath’s story is very inspiring, and we’re totally rooting for the continued success of Pat McGrath Labs in the future!

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