Woman Turns Her Placenta Into Chocolate And People Are Horrified

PSA: Don't accept chocolates from strangers.

The Internet has brought us many oddities. Like people using their placenta to make a whole bunch of food stuff. Now, this woman has used her placenta to make chocolate.

We have seen others use it to make smoothies, a placenta-based face mask, and even jewellery. But chocolate? That's a new one.

We're as big a fan as the next person of chocolate, but to use your own placenta to make into chocolate, is odd to say the least.

Kiley Whitworth, a mum based in Georgia, put up videos of herself preparing her placenta on Snapchat. The 23-year-old mum shared her recipe for placenta white and dark chocolates.

She claimed that the chocolates would improve her postnatal health and added that they tasted pretty good too. Wow, okay.

Using her placenta to make chocolate

placenta to make chocolate

Source: Youtube

Kiley enlisted the help of a doula, which is a person who provides emotional and physical support during pregnancy and childbirth, for this weird experiment.

The doula helped her with prepping her placenta and the attached umbilical cord.

The slightly gory Snapchat sequence shows the pair steaming the placenta, cutting it into chunks, and placing it into a dehydrator to dry it out.

The result is a dark, blackish looking lump of tissue, which is then blended into powder.

The powder is then mixed into a bowl of blended Oreos. At this point, if you're still able to stomach the process, the mixture starts to look pretty good.

After which, the chocolate is moulded into shapes and actually turns out looking quite delicious.

(But we wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of this box of chocolates, thank you very much.)

Netizens were visibly disturbed by this and took to Twitter to express their opinions.

Watch the graphic video below. Viewer discretion is advised.

Source: Daily Mail

Featured photo: YouTube


What do you think of this mum using her placenta to make chocolate? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

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