Profit Off Your Old Polly Pocket Sets: The Golden Goose Of The Toy World

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If you have any old sets of Polly Pocket lying around, these childhood toys of yours could be a total cash cow. See how much these toys are worth now.

Do you remember the good ol’ days when we used to play with Polly Pocket? The tiny plastic dolls were such a choking hazard, so parents bought it for the older kids.

Any 80s or 90s kid would remember these plastic dolls that came with surprisingly elaborate “houses”, which would range from shells to boats to “mansions”.

If you were the kind of kid who preferred to display toys rather than play with them and you were savvy enough to keep the Polly Pocket toys since childhood days, it could be worth a fortune now.

Collectors from all over the world are paying big money to get their hands on them.

So if you have any, or think you have any, it’s time to dig them out to see if they can fetch you a pretty Polly Pocket penny.

One Polly Pocket 2008 Sea And Sunset set and car series 6 listing on Ebay UK was asking for a cool £7,795.

Another listing on Ebay Australia of the Polly Pocket Vintage 1996 Jewel Case is set at AU$2,500.

Mind you, the original prices for these toys ranged from S$15 to S$60. Now, they fetch easily a hundred times that or more!

Want to know if your Polly Pocket can make you profit? See Polly Pocket toys worth: 

1. Is it in mint condition?

polly pocket toys worth

It seems like those with the premium prices are sold as such because they are still in mint condition. Mint condition for vintage toys means it is still in its original packaging and it hasn’t been damaged in anyway.

Collectors often look for mint condition pieces to add to their collection.

Those that are already opened would fetch less than half the price a mint condition piece is sold at.

2. Is it limited edition?

polly pocket toys worth

Source: The Sun

Another thing collectors look for are limited edition sets or releases such as the Disney collection. The Disney Alice in Wonderland and Little Mermaid set from 1996 is now going for £1,421.29.

3. Who produced it?

polly pocket toys worth

Source: Complex

This might be pretty tough criteria to meet, but if you own a Bluebird produced Polly Pocket set, it is guaranteed to make you good money.

Bluebird Polly Pocket sets were manufactured before 1998. After which, Mattel took over production. During its 10 years in operation, Bluebird only manufactured 350 sets, making these 350 sets the most valuable sets of Polly Pocket toys in the world.


Got any valuable vintage toys at home? How much do you think they’re worth today?

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