Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: Ways to Relieve Discomfort from Back Pain

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: Ways to Relieve Discomfort from Back PainPregnancy Top Tips 2022: Ways to Relieve Discomfort from Back Pain


Don't be surprised when you get back pain while you're pregnant. It's very common among expectant moms to feel discomfort in the back area even if they've never dealt with back pain prior to pregnancy. No need to worry, though, as this goes away after giving birth for most women.

Besides, there are ways to help you address that aching back. But before we delve into the possible remedies for this condition, let's talk about what causes it first.

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: Ways to Relieve Discomfort from Back Pain

Causes of back pain

Your growing uterus is the one responsible for your painful back. Because it stretches out, it shifts your center of gravity and your back needs to carry most of the weight. This effectively changes your posture and results to an aching back.

Bear in mind that you're also carrying extra weight because of your little one. Because of this, your joints and muscles have to take on the extra work.

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: Ways to Relieve Discomfort from Back Pain

Tips to alleviate back pain

We know dealing with all these changes in your body can be overwhelming sometimes. When you have multiple pregnancy symptoms, they can leave you drained and tired. Good thing there are a few things that can be done to help ease your back pain while ensuring your safety as well as your baby's.

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: Ways to Relieve Discomfort from Back Pain

Light exercises 

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: Ways to Relieve Discomfort from Back Pain

Have you ever done prenatal yoga? There are some classes you can do online. You may want to look for in-person sessions to which you can sign up. Just be sure to check if the instructors have adequate training and certification to help you get into pregnancy-safe poses.

If you're not into yoga, you can try walking, too. It's a good way to get the blood flowing, get some cardio, and breathe fresh air. Just make sure to put on pregnancy-safe sunscreen before heading out.

Some light stretching is good, too. But here's a word of caution: Whatever it is you'll do it has to be cleared by your doctor to ensure your safety. Check out this list of home remedies for back pain and other pregnancy symptoms.

Warm baths

How about a warm relaxing bath? Be careful not to make it too hot, though, because it can be dangerous for you and your little one. You can incorporate some pregnancy-safe massage oils in the bath as well, which we'll talk about later.

Heat pads

These are the same pads you use when you have menstrual cramps. However, this time, you'll need to place them on your back to lessen the pain.

Sleeping positions and pregnancy pillows

You may not think much about how sleeping affects you but this can cause you great deal of discomfort (and an aching back)  if you are not sleeping in the right position. Getting comfortable while you slumber can be challenging as your baby bump grows, but it's important to get into the proper position to keep you safe and comfy.

It's best to sleep on your side as this is the safest position for pregnant women. It also helps increase the amount of blood and nutrients that get to your little one.

It is also good to learn about the sleeping positions you must avoid.

As long as we're talking about sleep, let's know more about pillows, too. This is one of the must-haves for many preggy women because pregnancy pillows provide a lot of comfort (read: bye, back pain woes!) and precious shut-eye. From the usual body pillows to wedge ones, pregnancy pillows help you get into the right sleeping position and support your body as you sleep.

Belly bands

If you're working and on the go during the day, your growing baby bump can add to the strain on your back. Good thing there are belly bands you can wear to help support your back and baby bump.

There are many kinds of belly bands available, so you'll have no problem choosing which one will suit your budget and your needs. Some of these can even be used postpartum to support your recovery as they lift the uterus and tighten your pelvis.

See the best belly bands you can buy here.

Massage oils

Some of you may be hesitant to use essential oils while you're pregnant, but there are oils that are perfectly safe for your little one. The best massage oils to use for back pain are warming and analgesic oils to tackle the pain and tension. Lavender and Roman Chamomile are two of the best examples for that.

Remember to dilute your massage oils with carrier oils as a safety measure. Aside from addressing your back pain, other massage oils can be can be used for pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, headaches, swollen ankles, and more.

Post-pregnancy back pain

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: Ways to Relieve Discomfort from Back Pain

Although an aching back should be resolved by the time the baby's out, some women will continue to experience it after delivery. Post-pregnancy back pain can be caused by difficult labor, improper posture, weak muscles, and nutrient deficiencies. You should see your doctor if you experience back pain after giving birth.

Learn more about this condition and how to address it.

When to see your doctor

Like we've said earlier, an aching back is pretty common and for the most part, bearable. However, if it's keeping you from sleeping and you're unable to function well because of intense pain, do see your doctor. It may be a sign that something's wrong.

Here's a roster of the best gynaecologists in Singapore.


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