Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: What to Do If You Have Spider Veins

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: What to Do If You Have Spider VeinsPregnancy Top Tips 2022: What to Do If You Have Spider Veins


Pregnancy comes with a lot of unexpected changes. If you're a few months into this journey, by now you probably know what we mean. There's a gamut of physical changes that happen among pregnant ladies, and it's not just about your growing baby bump. For some, this wonderful time can be accompanied by darkening of the skin, swelling of the nose, and shedding of the hair, among others. But here's one more change that you may or may not get while you're expecting: spider veins.

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: What to Do If You Have Spider Veins

What are spider veins?

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: What to Do If You Have Spider Veins

Perhaps you're more familiar with its cousin, varicose veins. They are not that different except for the size. Varicose veins are raised blood vessels while spider veins are just a smaller version of these. Spider veins may have a purplish, blueish, or reddish hue.

Most of the time, spider veins appear on the legs, but in some cases, you can find them on your face or on your breasts. Yes, you read that last part right. Spider veins can appear on your breast. Before that freaks you out, this is perfectly normal. Unless you have a pre-existing condition, having spider veins on your breasts, legs, or face while you're pregnant is natural. Bear in mind that while you're pregnant, your veins are busy transporting oxygen, blood, and nutrients to your developing baby. Sometimes, due to this increased blood flow, the veins become more prominent. Hence, the spider veins.

What to do with spider veins

Pregnancy Top Tips 2022: What to Do If You Have Spider Veins

Those spider veins may drive you crazy while they're there. But you should know that most of the time, they go away naturally after delivery. This is when your blood flow will return to normal so it's expected for these tiny visible veins to fade in a few months' time. It's possible, however, that not all of them will completely disappear.

That said, we've rounded up some possible solutions for your spider veins. Read on to find out what they are.

Laser treatments and sclerotherapy

Whether they appear on your face, chest, legs, or neck, spider veins are noticeable. These look like little red threads of blood vessels branching out in the aforementioned areas, and can stay prominent up to a few months after delivery. So if you want to make them disappear faster, you may opt for a laser treatment.

Laser treatments are non-invasive treatments that can target spider veins. There are many options for safe laser treatments in Singapore. Do note that you may have to wait after the pregnancy to get this done. You can also try sclerotherapy, which entails injecting a special solution to the infected area. Read about other post-pregnancy beauty woes and their remedies.

Vitamin C

While you're pregnant, it's crucial that you're taking all the necessary vitamins to support a healthy pregnancy. Fortunately, one of those vitamins you are likely already drinking is also helpful in diminishing the appearance of spider veins. Vitamin C helps produce collagen and elastin, which can benefit your skin and reduce the sight of spider veins. If you're still on the lookout for prenatal vitamins, check out this roundup of the 5 best prenatal vitamins in Singapore.


We know how difficult it is to be pregnant and constipated. Loading up on fiber is always a good idea because it helps your bowel movement.  When you're constipated--your veins, particularly those in your legs--can become constricted and thus, more prone to spider veins. So make sure you eat plenty of fiber-rich food like fruits and vegetables to prevent constipation and at the same time address your spider veins.

Compression stockings

While they may not make spider veins completely vanish, compression stockings may alleviate existing ones and prevent the development of new ones. Aside from that, they are helpful for those who need to sit/stand for prolonged periods. This is when blood starts to pool in your legs that's why you experience discomfort, and for some develop these swollen veins. When you're pregnant, you are more prone to this since the body increases its supply of blood by 50%. Compression stockings are very helpful with these.


Okay, so makeup won't prevent or remove the appearance of spider veins, but this can be an easy fix if you just don't want to see those spider veins. You can easily cover them up with a good foundation and concealer. It's also a good thing that there are a lot of pregnancy-safe makeup brands that you can use without having to worry about your health and that of your baby.  Here's a compilation of the best pregnancy-safe makeups you can buy.

Other pregnancy changes you may experience

"You are glowing. Pregnancy suits you."

You may have heard someone say this to an expectant mom, or you may have said it yourself to a friend. But now that you're pregnant, you may not be feeling the same way. Some women will feel radiant during their pregnancy, but there are others who may not see themselves as beautiful when they're expecting. It's normal to feel this way especially if you encounter unusual physical changes that may not exactly make you feel beautiful. Some of these are:

  • spider veins
  • skin tags
  • swollen nose

But do know that most of these are temporary. Read this article as one mom shares the unusual pregnancy changes she has experienced.


Aside from the usual pregnancy changes, you may also get spider veins on your chest, face, or legs when you're expecting. This is perfectly normal unless you have a pre-existing condition. Most of them will go away on their own, but there are other measures you can do to alleviate or diminish the appearance of spider veins. To be sure, you may discuss this with your doctor to ease your concerns.


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