27 Photos That Prove Prince Hamdan Of Dubai Is A Real Life Disney Prince

Prince Hamdan almost makes us believe in fairy tales again.

Many girls grew up dreaming of a Disney-esque happily ever after, only to find out that real life just doesn't work like that. For one thing, real-life princes aren't as handsome or charming as their cartoon counterparts made us believe.

Or at least, that's what we thought until we stumbled upon Dubai's Prince Hamdan. He's the real deal, you guys. The Disney prince of our dreams.

We scrolled through Prince Hamdan's Instagram (he's got 6.1 MILLION followers!) to present you with our favourites. Enjoy.

1. See that insanely good-looking fella over there?

That's Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai.

2. He's also known as "Fazza", which is the name he uses to publish his poetry. Yes, he writes poetry. Cause he's sensitive like that.

3. He's 35 years old and single (!!!!).

4. He's super athletic.

5. And when we say "athletic", we mean fit AF. Seriously. Just look at those guns and try not to drool.

6. ...Mmmmuscleeessss

7. He loves animals. (If you've never seen a camel asking for belly rubs, here you go and you're welcome.)

8. He's impossibly adorable. Look at him. LOOK AT HIM.

9. Did we mention that he really likes animals?

10. You'll never go hungry with Prince Hamdan. Not only because he's due to inherit billions (around $18B), but because he's an expert spearfisher.

11. Ironically, he's the real catch.

12. *swoon*

13. I've never been so jealous of a camel in my entire life.

14. He's really good with kids

15. I mean...

16. *ovaries spontaneously combust*

17. Even when he's dressed like us peasants he looks absolutely gorgeous

18. Those eyes *melts*

19. Here he is giving us real Mr. Darcy vibes.

20. He can look real intense...

21. But he can also be a real dork

23. He's always off on some adventure

24. Yeah we'd be freaking out too if we were that close to Fazza

25. Be still, my heart

26. Looking like he just stepped out of a romcom

27. My goal in life is to find a man who looks at me like Prince Hamdan looks at this horse.

That, or marry Prince Hamdan. (Fazza, if you're reading this, hit me up.)


We hope you enjoyed this article on Prince Hamdan Instagram as much as we did!

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