10 Exclusive Private Island Holidays In Asia For The Best Luxury Experience

10 Exclusive Private Island Holidays In Asia For The Best Luxury Experience10 Exclusive Private Island Holidays In Asia For The Best Luxury Experience

Find your hidden sanctuary in a private holiday island in Asia.

When you need to get away from it all, resort islands like Cebu or the Maldives are the perfect paradise to escape to. As beautiful as they are, there are lots of different places where you can escape from the grind of daily life and truly unplug from the constant pinging or notifications. From budget options to luxury private island holidays in Asia, our beautiful continent has it all, so you don’t ever have to stray too far. 

If you were thinking of heading somewhere exclusive for your next trip away, or perhaps for a special occasion like a honeymoon, consider these private island holidays in Asia.

Our top 10 exclusive private island holidays in Asia for the resort experience you deserve.

10 exclusive private island holidays in Asia:

1.Koh Rang Noi – Thailand

private island holidays in Asia

Source: Private Islands Online

Whether you rent the whole island or just a villa, Koh Rang Noi delights in its picturesque scenery that is as serene as it is beautiful. It’s a short trip by boat (45 minutes) from Royal Phuket Marina. And it’s as exclusive as they come, with just three villas to rent.

Choose between the guest villa, upper villa and lower villa for a different view and feel. Whilst there the whole ocean is your playground, so you can go for a dip in the clear blue ocean, or zip around the ocean on jet skis. You can even venture further out on the water with a yacht for added experience. The interior design is calming, inspired by Thai artistry. Hiring the cheapest villa will start from S$55,000 per night. Perfect for honeymoons or for those looking for perfect isolation.

Price range: $$$$$

2. Cempedak Island – Indonesia

private island holidays in Asia

Source: Cempedak

2.5 hours from Tanah Merah ferry terminal in Singapore or 1 hour travel time from Bintan airport, it’s a destination that is close by.

But despite its proximity, Cempedak Island is a combination of all the best elements of an exotic resort can offer. The balmy outdoors, lush nature, and wonderful food and wine come together for the perfect package. Best of all, it’s adults-only so you won’t have to worry about other kids interrupting your fun.

Let loose with watersports like windsurfing and sailing, or be one with nature by snorkelling. If you need some downtime, pamper yourself with a massage. A one-bedroom beach villa can be booked starting from S$500 for minimum 2 nights stay, making it within an affordable range!

Price range: $$

3. Six Senses Con Dao – Vietnam

private island holidays in Asia

Source: Six Senses Con Dao

The contemporary 5-star island resort is fully kitted out for a complete getaway experience. The accommodation is actually a hotel made up of collective villas. This doesn’t detract from the experience, as you can just as easily get enjoy the spa, or get lost in the gorgeous horizon, with sunsets and sunrises unobstructed by any industrial or office buildings. The rooms aren’t too shabby either, as every one of them come with their own infinity pool! It’s also family friendly, so everyone can get in on the fun.

One of the more affordable private island holidays in Asia, prices start at S$755 for an Ocean View Duplex Pool villa.

Price range: $$

4. Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

private island holidays in Asia

Source: Song Saa Reosrt

When you think of luxury without disrupting nature, Song Saa was built with this in mind. Spanning across two undisturbed islands in the Gulf of Cambodia, this is the country’s first private island resort. They offer a variety of packages, including for honeymooners or a whole island tour. Sip coconuts whilst enjoying the lapping waves outside your balcony, you’ll forget all your worries as soon as you set foot.

Prices are seasonal, so at the time of writing the cheapest we could find was S$1,100 for a 1-bedroom villa.

Price range: $$$

5. Bawah Reserve – Indonesia

private island holidays in Asia

Source: Traveller Made

Spread across 6 islands, 13 lagoons and with three crisp beaches to explore, Bawah Reserve’s 3.5 hour trip from Singapore will be the most anticipated you’ll make. Recharge in the wellness centre or make waves in non-motorised water activities like snorkelling.

Bookings for the popular resort are available from next year. Rooms go for S$2,567 per night. The rates are all-inclusive, except for alcohol and diving so you can have a completely worry-free experience.

Price range: $$$

6. Haggerstone Island, Australia

private island holidays in Asia

Source: Haggerstone Island

Part of the larger Asia Pacific region, we cannot discount the beauty Australia has to offer. 30 years ago, Haggerstone Island was an unoccupied land with nothing to allow others to enjoy the scenery and calming environment. Roy and Anna Turner changed all that and built a resort so others could celebrate the beauty of nature. Here in North Queensland, you can go as wild or as slow as you like. A proper social experience, you’ll make many new friends and memories whilst staying here.

Renting a Lagoon, Kwila or Beach Hut starts at S$800 per night. Children (under 14) enjoy a discounted rate of S$385. If you’re staying alone, the whole hut will cost you S$1,250 per night. Minimum stay is 4 nights.

Price range: $$

7. Turtle Island – Fiji

private island holidays in Asia

Source: Turtle Island

Adding onto the Oceania beauty is Fiji. Richard Evanson stepped on this archipelago 40 years ago and took it as his own personal labour of love to transform it into a private and personal playground. Stretching over 500 acres, the adults-only resort is jam-packed with cultural experiences and sporty events to keep your mind as far away from work and your normal life as possible. You get a Bure Mama, something akin to a butler, who caters to every need through your personal walkie-talkie – fancy! And you won’t feel cramped, as there are only 14 villas on the whole island. Chances are, you won’t even notice them! Rent the Water’s Edge Villa from S$2,850 per night.

Price Range: $$$$


8. Batu Batu Resort, Pulau Tengah – Malaysia

private island holidays in Asia

Source: Batu Batu Resort

A little known paradise just off the coast of Mersing is Batu Batu Resort. The resort sits on Pulau Tengah, which is between islands Pulau Besar and Pulau Kecil. You can only access the island via their private ferry which departs only once a day from the jetty on the mainland. With only 22 villas on the island, you can be sure you will enjoy a luxe experience minus the crowds. Enjoy crystal clear waters, diving and snorkelling activities, hiking around the private island and ending the day with some fine dining for an unforgettable getaway. Villas here range from S$830 to S$1,700 per night (minimum two nights stay).

Price Range: $$$

9. Amanpulo – Philippines

private island holidays in Asia

Source: Amanpulo

The luxury resort is one of the best experiences for private island holidays in Asia. It’s so exclusive, it has its own airstrip! To reach here, you get a chartered flight from Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport’s Amanpulo Lounge. The most stressful part is getting on the plane – after that, you’re whisked away to a Filipino paradise where all your whims and fancies are taken care of.

You can book a 1-bedroom private villa for S$3,350, complete with your own swimming pool, private chef and butler.

Price Range: $$$$

10. Vivanta By Taj – Malaysia

private island holidays in Asia

Source: Vivanta by Taj

Just off the coast of Langkawi, Vivanta is the perfect spot if you want a Langkawi experience without the heavy tourist traffic. Guests can relax and unwind through different sports (biking, tennis, volleyball) or take in the culture and natural beauty of the endemic flora and fauna and natural sculptures. A highlight includes the Moon Deck, a wooden jetty which couples can book for a romantic view of the Senari Straits. A Superior Charm Garden View King Bed room costs only S$210 per night.

Price Range: $


In the holiday mood yet? With these 10 private island holidays in Asia, you’ll recharge in no time!

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