Product Management Festival Singapore 2018: Update Your Skills And Knowledge


Product Management Festival Singapore 2018
INSEAD Campus, Singapore
When: 18-19 June 2018

At the Product Management Festival, learn about the latest information and innovation in product management from over 25 leading experts from across the world.

Learn product secrets from leading companies, increase your product management proficiency and knowledge, learn tips and tricks in interactive sessions and workshop, and increase your company's exposure.

Experts include Alexis Zheng of Grab, David Baser of Facebook, Gulnaz Khusainova of Easysize, Sundar Srinivasan of Microsoft, Shashank Gupta of Google, Lalitah Ramani of Walmart Labs, Abhishek Rathore of Rakuten, and more.

The conference will be followed by workshops on 20 June.

For tickets and more details, visit the official website here.