Prostitution In Malaysia: The Billion-Dollar Illicit Industry

Prostitution in Malaysia is legal and widely and openly practiced in bigger cities like Kuala Lumpur despite a largely conservative and religious society.

I am not trying to play coy or innocent. I only just found out what B2B stood for. And once I found out, it opened up my eyes to a whole world unbeknownst to me.

Of course I knew about prostitutes. I had traipsed up and down Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur, Geyland in Singapore and the Red Light District in Amsterdam.

I wasn’t foolish. But I had no idea what B2B stood for. As a financial journalist, B2B always meant business-to-business.

So, when I came across an ad promoting B2B massages, I found it odd. Why would the massage therapist possibly only want to service other businesses?

My naivete had me questioning the term and I even asked all of my friends. I don’t know why it never occurred to any of us that it meant body-to-body.

It was only after I had chanced upon a blog REVIEWING prostitutes in Malaysia did it open up my eyes to the industry.

Prostitution in Malaysia: Dodgy massage parlours

prostitution in malaysia

My friends and I have always joked about not walking into dodgy massage parlours in Malaysia. But that was all it was to me — a joke.

We would see the flashing neon lights and skimpily clad women standing outside the “spas”, enticing men to go in.

I never knew this objectification of prostitutes went so far as having dedicated blogs with updated content reviewing these women and their services.

In this one blog, written by Mryangb2b, he details his favourite parlours in a Chinese-dominated neighbourhood, Puchong.

He even goes on to list his favourite girls from each of the massage parlours and services they provide.

In fact, he is so well-versed with the girls that he can tell you parts of their backstories and where they come from.

Myyangb2b reviews these women the way any blogger would review a product. He displays photos of these girls in their underwear and comments on their “assets”.

Beyond that, he encourages other men to seek out these women for the GFE—which stands for Girlfriend Experience, by the way.

Prostitution in Malaysia: A billion-dollar industry

prostitution in malaysia

In a country that limits its freedom of speech, censors all pornographic material online, considers it “khalwat” or a chargeable offence to kiss your partner in the streets, it seems these restrictions have only spurred highly successful underground sex operations.

Apart from its Muslim majority, Malaysia’s society of all religions are still broadly conservative in their outlook, but will seemingly seek out services such as these in private.

Prostitution in Malaysia is, in fact, legal and widespread all over the country. However, as in Singapore, brothels and soliciting are illegal.

In 2014, there were an estimated 150,000 prostitutes in Malaysia. And the country's sex trade generated US$963 million in that year alone. It is possible that now in 2018, this is a billion-dollar industry in Malaysia.


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