Buried 1,500-Year-Old Treasure Worth Millions Found, Most Probably From Ancient Bank

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What an interesting find!

It’s amazing some of the things people forget about. Think about the surprise on the faces of the team that found a soapstone jar that was worth millions of dollars.

Emergency stash of coins found thousands of years later

roman coins worth millions

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Archaeologists are currently studying the jar of coins. It was discovered beneath the now-defunct Cressoni Theater. There are at least 300 coins and a gold bar that dates back to the Roman Imperial era.
Culture Minister Alberto Bonisolo mentioned in a press release that it is a significant finding for archaeology.
“We do not yet know in detail the historical and cultural significance of the find. But that area is proving to be a real treasure for our archaeology. A discovery that fills me with pride”.
roman coins worth millions

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Numismatist Maria Grazia Facchinetti said that whoever “buried it in such a way that in case of danger they could go and retrieve it”.
She added that they were arranged in rolls which is similar to how banks organise coins. “They were stacked in rolls similar to those seen in the bank today”. The numismatist added that engravings on the coins indicate that they aren’t older than 4747 AD.
“All of this makes us think that the owner is not a private subject, rather it could be a public bank or deposit,” Facchinetti concluded.

One of many Roman treasure findings

roman coins worth millions

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Italian media suggest the gold coins could be worth millions of dollars. However, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities hasn’t formally named a value as of yet.
The Cressoni Theater in Como, north of Milan, opened in 1807. Over time it became a cinema, before closing down in 1997. The theatre is close to the Novum Comum forum area. Which is where several other important Roman artifacts were also found.
The Ministry disclosed that the coins were transferred to the Mibac restoration laboratory. The lab is situated in Milan where the treasures will undergo further examination.
roman coins worth millions

Source: Twitter

This discovery is the latest of Roman coins uncovered in recent years.
In 2016, archaeologists found a  2,000-year-old Roman a gold coin south of the Old City of Jerusalem. This particular coin had the face of Nero. He is most famous as the Roman emperor who played the fiddle when Ancient Rome burned.
Also in the same year, another team of archaeologists unearthed rare Roman and Ottomon coins from castle ruins in Okinama, Japan.

Everything tells a story, and the stories these coins tell reveal a lot about the culture of its times! They’re also worth a pretty penny! 

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