Sugar Baby Turned Down A S$10,000 Per Month Salary Because Of THIS Request

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She said he had a small d*ck.

Sugar dating is becoming really popular internationally. Even Malaysians and Singaporeans can get involved in a money-for-love relationship through TheSugarBook.

sugar baby sex offer

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It’s not fully clear what’s expected of a sugar baby to please her sugar daddy. Hype and Stuff interviewed one sugar baby who revealed one unique experience! For S$10,000, she was expected to provide her company and have sex on the weekends, which was all bound by a contract!

This lady – we’ll call her Jane to protect her identity – agreed to share her experience.

An offer you can’t refuse.

The interviewer notes that Jane is young, slim and very attractive, so she ticks all the right boxes so far. Jane said her sugar daddy found her email address via her Instagram and emailed her the proposal.

“He introduced himself and asked if I was interested to be a sugar baby. He was very “professional” and serious, telling me that I could ask him any questions I had about it.

Jane said she was impressed by how kind he was about the unusual offer. She goes on to explain his background and details the explicit proposal.

“We exchanged some emails and I learnt from him that he was the owner of a business [and] that he was a trader. He explained that he wanted a companion for the time when he was in Singapore, [and] he would pay me S$10,000 a month for my time (and sex). I mentioned that he was professional and serious because he sent over an escrow form that he had his lawyer do up for him, assuring that I would be well taken care of by him.

sugar baby sex offer

Source: Hype and Stuff

“That made the entire relationship seem a lot more legitimate than what it seemed to be. To further entice me, he proffered luxury items, dates fully paid by him, even trips overseas. The manner he pitched made me wanna say yes.”

Although sugar babies are valued for their flexibility in work schedule and their attractiveness, girls also have needs! And sugar daddies can’t look too shabby either, as Jane explains what he looks like.

“He was in his late 30s, and from his photos, he was pretty overweight. (He sent me a dick picture too and he was 6 inches…. heh)”

Would you sign the contract?

Despite the generous offer and professional approach of this sugar daddy, Jane said she felt objectified and that it was a step too far for her.

This isn’t to say she didn’t consider at first! Because she agreed to meet with him at Raffles Place near his car.

“However, I ditched it at the end. Meeting him meant sex and becoming just an object for someone else.”

“It meant that I would literally just be screwing someone so that I would have money, which I didn’t actually need. It would definitely make life easier, in the sense that I wouldn’t have to work part-time and I would be able to afford frivolous things. But having to **** an old fat man with a small penis, and also being someone who has a huge ego… I just couldn’t bring myself to.”


Some might argue that this is the whole point of sugar dating. But if we put ourselves in her shoes, we’re not sure we’d be completely fine with the formal arrangement.

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