Would You Pay S$88 (Or More) For A Concert/Show That Lasts Only 25 Minutes?

Would You Pay S$88 (Or More) For A Concert/Show That Lasts Only 25 Minutes?Would You Pay S$88 (Or More) For A Concert/Show That Lasts Only 25 Minutes?

It only lasted for 25 minutes... What a disappointment.

When we heard that Sasha Velour was coming to Singapore, we were hella excited! Some of our colleagues even went for the show. 

But it seems we dodged a bullet there, because netizens took to social media to complain about the show – not about Sasha Velour, of course. Sasha is a true Queen.

They were taking to their keyboards to complain about the duration of the set as Sasha Velour’s set was only 25 minutes long! 

What was promised to be a 75-minute show, was cut short to only 25 minutes. The show, which was organised by LA Comedy Live, started off with opening acts, which turned out to last longer than the highlight. 

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In case you’re not familiar, Sasha Velour is the season nine winner of the Emmy-award winning reality television series Rupaul’s Drag Race.

The audience was made up of Singaporean fans as well as fans who travelled to Singapore from neighbouring countries, like Indonesia and Malaysia. 

Each ticket cost north of S$88, with some tickets even going up to S$208 for VIP passes. 

sasha velour in singapore

Source: LA Comedy Live

After the incident, LA Comedy Live issued a statement on their Facebook page.

According to the statement, the organiser said they were only informed of the sudden change in set time in early July. They also claimed that Sasha Velour’s team was not cooperative with providing a detailed program rundown.

“We never got this until the day of the show at 6:15pm,” they wrote in the statement. “This lack of communication made it challenging to get our license for the show approved.”

They also blamed the short set on technical requirements which were not sent and late requests coming in on show day. “Sasha arrived at the venue close to 7:45 pm, leaving no time for rehearsal of any sort, leading to potential problems later on such as delayed outfit changes and such,” LA Comedy Live wrote. 

They also claimed that an email on the updated program had been sent to all ticket-holders via SISTIC as requested and approved by House of Velour.

But not everyone received the emails. 

You can read their full Facebook post here.


Now, the organisers have promised a S$20 refund. But is it too little too late? 

To give the organisers some credit, this is the first time something like this has happened. 


Were you there at the Sasha Velour in Singapore show? What do you think of the way this incident has been handled? Let us know in the comments. 

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