Here's How Much Money You Could Be Saving If You Quit Smoking For A Year

Here's How Much Money You Could Be Saving If You Quit Smoking For A Year

He saved over $5,000!

Loads of people smoke. You might have picked up the habit during your formative years. Following your friends, or copying people you look up to, it happens! Maybe it’s been ten years since you took your first puff and now you’re looking to quit. If better health isn’t reason enough for you, maybe this might. One guy shows the benefits of not smoking. The results are amazing!

Transforming your finances in 12 months by not puffing

save money by not smoking

Source: Facebook

Loo Fook Weng Albert posted a video on Facebook one method of saving by simply not smoking. A lot of people have different savings methods, but this one is unusual since Albert doesn’t smoke.

In his minute and a half long video, he opens a tin and reveals a ton of cash. As he goes through it, he repeatedly claims, “You see, you see! So much money!”.

save money by not smoking

Source: Facebook

The video has gone viral since he posted on Sep 6, racking up 227k views and 3.6k shares at the time of writing (Sep, 14).

What’s the catch?

Albert claims to have saved S$5,925 (PHP 320,000) in a year according to his Facebook caption.

“This is how much you can save if quit smoking for one year based on a packet of cigarette per day…Here's How Much Money You Could Be Saving If You Quit Smoking For A Year (btw I am non-smoker). 

“Update: my saving method is one to few hundred in a few days, based on average $15/day..hope this will clarifyHere's How Much Money You Could Be Saving If You Quit Smoking For A Year“.

So all Albert claims to have done is save one to a few hundred dollars daily. The average is set as S$15 per day, which amounts to a pack of cigarettes.

Blowing smoke where there’s fire

save money by not smoking

Source: Pexels

Many netizens have made clear how dubious they are about the feat. It’s likely he just put money in a savings tin. After all, he already said he doesn’t smoke, himself!

The savings presented here shouldn’t be taken as a fact. Since smokers know how many packets they each go through varies wildly. Some people can’t survive without smoking two packs a day. Others enjoy the occasional cigarette during a break.

But let’s not detract from the moral of the story here. Savings money is just one reason to kick the habit! Smoking comes with a lot of harmful side effects.

Some examples include:

  • Bad teeth
  • Bronchitis
  • Heart disease
  • High cholesterol
  • Infertility

So if you’re trying to quit, maybe money will be a good enough motivator, if not for the health benefits, too! 


Whether or not the story behind the savings are true, there are many more pros to not smoke !

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