Make Remittance Payments Foolproof By Using These Tracking Tools

Make Remittance Payments Foolproof By Using These Tracking ToolsMake Remittance Payments Foolproof By Using These Tracking Tools

Tracking remittance payments have never been made easier!

Today’s technology means you transfer money electronically with ease. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) recently announced that anyone can transfer money electronically. And if you don’t want to go through your bank, it’s so easy to send and receive money just by using an app on your phone! However, not everyone feels comfortable with sending money online. But thanks to different ways to track the status of your online remittance, like MoneyGram tracking, you can rest assured.


How do I track when I send money to Philippines online?

Many Filipinos are moving overseas for work. Which is not surprising given that people can earn a lot more in different countries. Getting started when you move can be tough and explains why many people take out a loan to help with initial expenses. But once they are up and running, people aim to send money back to their families and loved ones for the holidays. 

If you’re a bit stuck with knowing how to send money, we’ll run through some of the easiest ways to do so. And if you’re unsure whether the transfer has gone through, you can use tools like MoneyGram tracking to see if your online remittance has been received by the intended party.


Western Union

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Source: Western Union

The American financial services and communications company are most famous for its peer-to-peer transfer system that operates worldwide. There are over 10,000 different locations and many different options for you to send money back to the Philippines.

  • Send via the Western Union mobile app
  • Transfer online through the Western Union website
  • In person at an agent location

They accept transfers in the form of cash, card, Apple pay, or bank transfer. And to check the status of your transfer, just use the 10-digit MTCN tracking number on their website.

Different transfer fees apply depending on how you decide to collect the money in the Philippines. If you transferred US$1,000 (Php50,000), you’d have to pay the following:

  • Collecting from a Western Union agent
    • Sent by credit card/debt card – $10 (transferred in minutes)
    • Sent from bank account – $3.99 (up to 4 business days)
    • Paid in-store – $10 (transferred in minutes)
  • Bank transfer
    • Sent by credit card/debt card – $8 (within 2 business days)
    • Sent from bank account – free (within 5 business days)

Transfers vary depending on how you wire the money across, but it takes roughly up to 5 days on average.


LBC Express Tracking

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Source: LBC Express

LBC Express pride themselves on being able to move anything in the Philippines. They have a wide variety of services for individuals and businesses. And tracking your remittance couldn’t be easier when you input your 12 digit tracking number on the website.

For online remittance, there are several options available. Utilising over 3,000 different agents and branches, you can use the Instant Peso Padala to send your remittance instantly.

Worried about your remittance not reaching the other party? Use a courier with the Door-to-Door Delivery option to ensure the money arrives in your loved ones’ hands.

Remit straight to a bank account on the same day or following day to a trusted bank through the Remit to Account option.

If any of the above options aren’t convenient for you, collecting payment from one of 1,200 Remittance Partners can be your ticket to receiving the remittance.



send money to philippines online-

Source: Xoom

Part of Paypal, Xoom provides easy remittance options to the Philippines. 

You can send by depositing into a bank account, sending cash for pickup with a partner agent, or have the money delivered directly to the chosen party.

Xoom’s boasts an impressive status tracking centre, StatusTrak, that notifies you with updates by text or email. They also offer 24/7 phone support in English, Filipino and Spanish if you have any further enquiries. 



send money to philippines online-

Source: MoneyGram

The American money transfer company is the second largest provider of remittance transfers in the world. 

Similar to Xoom, you can send money by depositing into a bank account, sending cash for pickup with a partner agent, or have the money delivered directly to the chosen party.

Input the Reference Number and the recipient’s last name into the tracking website for a status update.


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