Men Are Paying Up To S$5,000 To Party With Teenage Girls In Singapore

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How do you spell PIMP?

Instagram is can be a time sink with so much to see and view. Buff guys and hot girls, food, DIY stuff, the list goes on, there’s something for everyone. And one of these popular accounts on Instagram, featuring ‘hot’ girls in Singapore, aptly named SgInstaBabes, has recently been in the news.

With 56 social media influencers on the signed up to the SgInstaBabes programme, the brand recently expanded their services onto the Patreon platform.

sginstababes patreon services

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Get to know the SgInstaBabes better

sginstababes patreon services

Source: SgInstababes Patreon

SgInstaBabes is a team of influencers who provide create photos, videos, and manage events. Through Patreon they have offered their media content creation services through different tiers of subscriptions.

Paying for the more expensive subscription packages means you get access to all of the previous perks, in addition to new exclusive content. Here’s a list of what you can expect if you’re a paying customer:

Donor ($S4/month) – No perks
Fan ($S10/month) – Access to complete photoshoot albums
Avid Fan ($S30/month) – Access to personal vlogs
Friend ($S102/month) – Exclusive access to 1 photoshoot/month as photographer/spectator
Best friend ($S306/month) – Unlimited access to photoshoots as photographer/spectator
Baller ($S1022/month) – Fully paid private hangout with SgInstaBabes for donor & friends, only 5 slots available
Party King ($S5,112/month) – Yacht party every month for 1 lucky patron

The highest tiered package allows you to hang out with the team on a yacht party if you’re willing to part with S$5,000.

The move has received a lot of backlash from internet netizens and other social media personalities due to its ambiguous nature.

So what’s the catch?

You may be asking what’s the benefit of this. Of course, the girls are attractive but it’s been pointed out they look very young, which is a concern given the nature of the service they provide. 

Photoshoots of young girls wearing barely any clothing, to be more specific. And they will be your companions as you enjoy a yacht party if you opt for the most expensive subscription option.

What is Patreon anyway?

Patreon is a platform for artists and designers to upload their portfolio for the world to access through subscription services. Many independent content creators benefit from this neutral service as voluntary donations and subscriptions allow them to live the artist’s dream.

Founder Lai Wee Kiat addressed this on SgInstaBabes’ Instastory by claiming many supporters requested for a Patreon page to be built.

sginstababes patreon services

Source: SgInstaBabes Instragram

Lai also answered many concerns on the dubious nature of the yacht party, specifically clarifying whether sex is involved.

sginstababes patreon services

Source: SgInstaBabes Instragram

Though his services don’t explicitly promise sex, he does state that “if there is (sex), that’s your luck and nothing to do with us”. 

Hmm, we’ll let you decide what you think about this whole saga. 

With social media ever-evolving, people continue to use these platforms in different ways. The question for SgInstaBabes is whether what they are doing is legal or not!

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