Great News Burger Fans! Shake Shack Will Soon Be Opening In Singapore!

The popular fast casual dining restaurant Shake Shack has announced that they will be setting up shop at Jewel Changi in 2019!

For those who have been craving Shake Shack's amazing burgers and shakes, you're in for a treat! This coming 2019, there will finally be a Shake Shack Singapore, and we're sure that it will be totally amazing!

Shake Shack Singapore: Coming this 2019

Shake Shack Singapore

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This coming 2019, a lot of great things will be happening in Singapore!

For one, the upcoming mega shopping mall Jewel in Changi will finally be open! It boasts $1.7 billion indoor forest and waterfall as well as various restaurants, shops, and other attractions that it will feature.

One of the most awaited however, is the opening of Shake Shack Singapore which will also be in Jewel Changi!

Shake Shack is known worldwide for it's great tasting burgers, shakes, and fries, and rumours of a branch in Singapore have been floating for a while. And now, the rumours have been confirmed and Shake Shack will indeed be setting up shop in Singapore!

Shake Shack is a fast casual restaurant chain based in New York City which started out as a hot dog cart back in 2001. Since then, it added burgers and shakes, fries, and other fast food staples to its menu.

The chain currently has 168 branches throughout the world,

Jewel Changi is expected to be a "game-changer"

Shake Shack Singapore

Source: wikimedia commons

In addition to Shake Shack, the popular food chain A&W will also be opening its doors to the public at Jewel Changi.

The popular cinema chain Shaw Theatres will also be a tenant at the upcoming mega mall.

The mall is expected to be a "game-changer" for Changi Airport. It is expected to drive tourism even more with its unique attractions, and amazing shopping and dining experience. It also plans on targeting both international travellers as well as local visitors.

280 shops are reported to expand across 7 floors, with a mall area of 134,000 square metres, or more than 20 football fields.


We personally can't wait for Shake Shack Singapore to open its doors! What about you?

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