How Much Can You REALLY Get Back In ShopBack Savings In A Year?

How Much Can You REALLY Get Back In ShopBack Savings In A Year?How Much Can You REALLY Get Back In ShopBack Savings In A Year?

Some save HUNDREDS in a year.

If you love online shopping, then you need to stop everything and download ShopBack right now to get plenty of ShopBack savings.

ShopBack is an app that boasts up to 30% cashback on all online purchases when you make your purchases through the platform.

It is also a popular platform for online shoppers to get latest coupon codes, deals and offers for over 500 online stores.

ShopBack savings: Cash back on shopping

shopback savings

Ben, 24, accumulated a lot of savings in just a couple of months.

The app is pretty transparent, showing you how much cashback you can get via each platform. For example, they will show you that you can get up to an 11% cashback with Lazada, while Qoo10 only offers up to 4% cashback.

Some of the impressive cashback offers include stores like Lazada and Nike, which offer up to 11%. While Ellysage offers up to 10% cash back and B-liv offers up to 9%. Some would say, saving money (while shopping) has never been easier.

Ben, 24, is a student in Singapore who loves shopping online for tech gadgets and accessories. He purchased a Playstation 4 on Lazada via ShopBack and got $4 cash back into his ShopBack account.

Since then, he has been regularly using the app to buy stuff online and he has seen over $20 in cash back in just two months.

“Whenever I make an online purchase, I would check whether the retailer is on ShopBack or not. So far I’ve used ShopBack mainly for Taobao, Lazada and even Courts,” he shares.

On average, he gets $10 cash back through ShopBack when he shops on Taobao.

His best cash back experience with ShopBack? A $20 cash back for purchasing a $90 bluetooth earphones set. “You usually get the biggest savings when you are a new customer on popular platforms. So it’s important to make a big purchase on those website via ShopBack as a first-timer to get the most out of it.”

ShopBack savings: The app mums love

shopback savings

Khalidah Abdul Hadi, 23, is a blogger and full-time working mum. As someone who has little time to go out to shop, she buys much of her household items, including stuff for the baby, online.

“I use ShopBack about 5 out of 7 days in a week. That is how often I shop online. Normally, my cash back savings is about 15% on average,” she shares.

This is particularly true when she buys gadgets and baby items online. As a result, she is able to save hundreds a month.

Since most of the items she buys regularly are cheaper online than at retail stores, plus she gets cash back savings from ShopBack, her savings multiply easily.

Mellissa, 29, who is also a mum, shops online about two to three times a month and uses ShopBack every time. Her savings come up to about $15 a month. “Once, I got a cash back of $35 in a single order from Lazada.”

ShopBack savings: Keeping the family’s health and wealth in check

shopback savings

Tracy, who is in her late fifties, is also an avid online shopper. Her favourite online store is iHerb to buy supplements and treats for her family. In a month, she spends close to $500 online.

By shopping through ShopBack, she is able to get 3% cashback on her expenditure (if she buys products eligible for cashbacks), saving her $25 a month and about $300 a year.

“My favourite thing about this app is that it is so easy to use and the money is credited back into my account with no hassle,” she shares.

Men, women, old or young, the ShopBack app seems to have attracted online shoppers of all ages.

So if you’re not using ShopBack yet, well, it’s time to start.


Are you a ShopBack user? How much ShopBack savings have you accumulated? Let us know in the comments below. 

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