You Don’t Have To Go To Bangkok Anymore To Shop At Chatuchak Market

Thailand's local brands are fantastic, but hard to find outside the country. Singaporean startup ShopJJ is bringing the best of Thai indie brands to the world.

One reason why tourists flock to Thailand is the amazing shopping. Everything is incredibly affordable, and the local brands are just fantastic.

ShopJJ, a Singaporean brand found in famous creative markets like Artbox, TGIF, and Chatuchak (or Jatujak/JJ Market) to the world. Yup, that's right—you no longer have to fly to Bangkok to access Thailand's most popular indie brands.

But if you're looking for dirt-cheap factory overruns, ShopJJ isn't the place for you. This online store specialises in brands that are extremely hard to find outside of Thailand. Many don't have an online store, and those that do the only ship within Thailand.

They stock products for men, women, home & pets, and even wholesale products that you can customize.

11 Picks from ShopJJ

Here are just a few of the products that stood out to us. (All product photos from ShopJJ.)

1. Pink Diamond Earrings from Tongkorn Jewelry, S$15.26

These adorable pink "diamond" earrings are made of 24k gold-plated brass and hand-painted enamel, perfect for everyday wear. Buy here.

2. Black Spade Tote Bag from Mori Bag, S$19.46

If you're looking for a statement bag that can take any outfit from blah to fab, we've got you. Buy here.

3. Cat Doodle Printed Shirt from Rizon, S$33.46

This'll make a perfect present for the cat-loving man in your life. Buy it for your boyfriend. Then steal it. Buy here.

4. Cork Leather Pencil Case from Silverstang, S$6.86

Made from soft and sustainable material, this pencil case is lightweight and durable. Perfect for organizing your pens, makeup, etc. Buy here.

5. Fluffy Blossom earrings from Mizuchol, S$69.89

These elegant earrings have petals that flutter ever so slightly. So delicate. So feminine. Perfect for date night. Buy here.

6. Dark Blue Pants with Mustard Hem from Chamniii, S$30.66

Isn't it great that fuss-free, comfy clothing is trendy right now? These cropped pants add a bold pop of colour to every ensemble. Because low-maintenance doesn't mean boring. Buy here.

7. Gin Top from Her Merry, S$88.06

Look feminine and professional with this blush top that'll flatter any body type. Perfect for a boss lady who's still in touch with her soft side. Buy here.

8. Animal Wooden USB Flash Drives from Mink's, S$25.20 – S$36.40

How cute are these animal flash drives? Not only are they adorable, they're also customizable, so if you're looking for cute little giveaways at your next event, look no further. Buy here.

9. Goat Cross Sling Pouch from Embroiderer Bangkok, S$18.06

Made from smooth faux leather, this cute little embroidered purse adds just a touch of whimsy to any outfit. Buy here.

10. The Punter's Boat Shoes from Brown Stone, S$110.60

Made of genuine oil-tanned cowhide leather, these classic boat shoes were hand-stitched by Thai artisans. And they look good on both guys and gals. Buy here.

Will you be shopping at ShopJJ anytime soon? Let us know in the comments!

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