Should Wives Be Paid A Salary By Their Husbands? And How Much?

Should Wives Be Paid A Salary By Their Husbands? And How Much?Should Wives Be Paid A Salary By Their Husbands? And How Much?

Shouldn't women be compensated fairly for all they do?

This argument has been a hot topic recently. Should wives be paid a salary by husbands? After all, a stay-at-home mum does quite a fair bit and should be compensated. 

If we can pay nannies, cleaners and gardeners a fee, why should being married to a woman discount her worth? 

In the US, many women have taken to the Internet to debate over whether the government should pay housewives a salary and social security (like CPF or EPF). 

But the argument against that is that these women are not directly contributing to the society, only taking care of their own families and homes. 

We’re inclined to agree that the government shouldn’t be paying women who stay at home to rear their children. However, should husbands be the ones to pay their wives a “salary” instead?

Should wives be paid a salary by husbands?

should wives be paid a salary by husbands

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If you look at it logically, it might make financial sense for a family to be on a one-income household arrangement because it might save money overall. 

Say you earn $3,000 and your spouse earns more (because let’s face it, gender discrimination in equality of pay still exists) at $6,000, by leaving your job to stay home with the kids, you might not be making as much as before, but you won’t have to fork out a lot of your joint income to pay for additional help and services. 

In fact, the trade-off is this: you may not earn your own income, but you will get to spend more time with the kids and not have to pay for these extra services.

Additional services around the home

should wives be paid a salary by husbands

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To hire a full-time live-in helper, it would set you back at least $1,000 a month for her salary alone. Add in the additional food expenses, increase in cost of utilities and it might add up to maybe around $1,350. 

On top of hiring a helper, you might also need to pay for private transportation costs of about $300 per month to have your kids sent to daycare or school. 

Then if your helper is unable to cope with her housework, cooking and taking care of the kids, you might even have to consider using a catering service to have freshly cooked food on the table for your kids daily, which could add in another $500 in cost. 

If you are capable of tutoring your children, with the additional time at home, you are able to teach them yourself, rather than sending them to a tuition centre. Tuition fees can really add up in the month, typically north of $500 per child!

So if you’re able to pull through, everything added up, you will be saving just under a salary of $3,000! 

But is it really feasible? 

You’re probably wondering to yourself, that’s a lot of work to do. And true, it is a lot to do. Many women have done this without fair compensation for years. And it is only now, more than ever, that they are voicing their disdain over the gender stereotypes. 

While there is no hard and fast rule to how much money your husband should compensate you, every family is different. You should talk things out with your spouse to see how much the household can afford to “pay” you every month. 


So, should wives be paid a salary by husbands? Let us know your thoughts about this in the comments below. 

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