Should You Sleep With Your Coworkers? It Might Not Be The Best Idea

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Should you be looking for a honey where you make all the money?

We’re sure you’ve heard of the expression “never sh*t where you eat”, which is why many will pose the question “should you sleep with coworkers?”

It’s totally natural to walk into work, find one of your coworkers attractive and wonder if they feel the same spark.

An innocent lunch date turns into a coffee outside work, which turns into drinks and possibly more.

It becomes some kind of clandestine relationship that both of you get a thrill out of.

But some relationships sour and you’re stuck looking at your ex-boyfriend/fling in the office day after day.

It may affect your ability to work and perform up to previous standards.

It then begs the question, “should you sleep with coworkers?”

sleep with coworkers

A survey by JobCentral in Singapore found nearly 60 percent of the Singapore’s work crowd disapproves of dating anyone from the same workplace.

The rest of the 2,281 respondents are open to having a romantic relationship with a coworker.

Only 6.3% admitted to dating someone in office.

Singaporeans are careful people and that’s probably why the number is so low.

These are some of the things you would have to consider if you want to sleep with coworkers at your workplace:

sleep with coworkers

  1. An office one-night-stand is not like any other one-night-stand. You don’t get to forget the guy’s name or ignore his calls, because he is going to be in the office with you five days a week. Are you prepared for that? Would you feel suffocated seeing him 24/7?
  2. Are you both on the same page? Assuming you are both single, it is still best you talk about boundaries before crossing one. What do you expect out of the relationship? What does he? Bang this out before you bang each other.
  3. Are you able to maintain your work relationship without letting the two worlds collide? If you’re going to be both professional and personal, how distinct is the line for you? Will you be able to keep your relationship issues at home and not let it spillover into the workplace?
  4. What are your office policies regarding workplace relationships?

Two’s company, but thankfully the company is fine with it

Coworker relationships do not seem to be much of a worry to Singapore companies, according to HRM Asia.

Most companies don't have policies that ban relationships in the workplace outright, but there are certain practices that they do adopt, like:

  1. All relationships should be transparent and kept above board.
  2. Relationships shouldn’t occur between a supervisor and their subordinate. In cases such as these, the subordinate may be asked to transfer to another department.
  3. Guidelines must be followed, like no public displays of affection in the workplace.


Would you sleep with coworkers? Hell no or sure, why not? Let us know in the comments below.

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