Singapore 2018 Grab Promo Codes

Singapore 2018 Grab Promo CodesSingapore 2018 Grab Promo Codes

Save money when travelling around Singapore with this handy list of Singapore 2018 Grab promo codes. To be updated regularly.

While we do our best to keep this page as updated and accurate as possible, offers featured may change at the discretion of merchants. Please verify these Singapore 2018 Grab promo codes with Grab.

Singapore 2018 grab promo codes

Singapore 2018 Grab Promo Codes Compiled

1. $10 off all Grab rides for Maybank Card members (valid Jan 2018)

Maybank card holders can use the code MAYBANK10 to get $10 off all Grab rides.

2. 8% cashback for Citi Cash Back Card holders (until 6 Apr 2018)

Citi Cash Back Card holders get 8% cashback (capped at $25/month) on all Grab rides when using GrabPay and spending at least S$888 on retail purchases monthly. Terms & Conditions apply.

3. $10 off if you book a restaurant with Quandoo (until 31 Jan 2018)

Enjoy $10 off your GrabCar Premium or 6-Seater rides when going to or from a restaurant booked via the Quandoo app. Use the code QUANDOOVIP.

4. $15 off GrabCar Premium Rides (until 30 Jan 2018)

Use the code NEWVIP to get $15 off GrabCar Premium rides if you pay with GrabPay. This offer is valid all day, to or from CBD, Primary, East Coast, Bukit Merah, and Queenstown areas.

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