How To Tell When You Need A Life Outside Of Work

How To Tell When You Need A Life Outside Of WorkHow To Tell When You Need A Life Outside Of Work

If your work is affecting your health, it's time to take a step back.

Working until the janitor kicks you out, checking your emails before you sleep and after you wake, a higher concentration of coffee in your bloodstream than recommended. These are all signs of a highly committed and passionate worker. Or is it?

Are you just overworking? Could it be that it is time for you to get a life outside work? Here are some telltale signs. 

Singapore work life balance: Are you achieving it?

1. Are you allowing things to get on your nerves more than normal?

singapore work life balance

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The phone left ringing gets to you, or the usual office chit-chat turns the dial up to 11. A trivial thing can be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back and you have a public freakout incident. This is bad for you and turns the environment sour. This is normally one of the most obvious signs!

2. Are you married to your phone?

singapore work life balance

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Ping! Ping! Ping! Ping! They’re designed to be helpful, but notifications from Gmail, LinkedIn, WeChat can be overwhelming when they’re flying in hard and fast all hours of the day. Worse when you can’t put it down.

3. Are you forgetting important details?

You mean the merger meeting is today??

There’s no way we can remember everything. We convince ourselves that we are multitasking maestros. Doesn’t hold up well when you forget a 1-2-1 with your manager who wants to discuss your promotion because you’re in a meeting that you don’t even contribute to. Be decisive and commit to only the most important tasks.

4. Are you eating lunch in front of the computer?

singapore work life balance

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Don’t get us wrong, we’ve all been there! But if your laptop is your daily eating buddy, you might want to think about stepping out and getting some fresh air! Helps with improving blood circulation and the change of scenery does wonders for your concentration!

5. Are you out of breath climbing up the stairs?

singapore work life balance

Source: Burst

We’d all love to look as slim as Constance Wu. However, when work takes over our life our health often falls into second place in priorities. And that’s when the pounds start piling on. Being fit helps you stay on top of your game. Sound body, sound mind.

6. Is your automatic response to social invites “sorry, I can’t, I have to work”?

Sorry to bail on you Amelia, I’d come to your 30th but there’s this thing at work that…

You might have been the life of the party during uni days. And since leaving you’re working hard to reach the top. Who isn’t? But stalling your social life will mean it’ll fade away. Invites to birthdays, weddings and baby showers will stop coming in. Your social life won’t wait for you – don’t neglect it!

7. Does your workload keep increasing?

You know it’s bad when colleagues file a missing person report, where you were last seen is in the office. Okay, that might seem a bit over the top. But when everyone starts discussing what to call the mountain of paperwork at your desk, you might be taking on too much. Increasing workload is a good sign you’re progressing in your career, but just make sure other important aspects of your life don’t suffer!

8. Do you only dream of a good night’s sleep?

singapore work life balance

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It’s a chicken and egg situation – do you struggle to sleep because of late nights, or are you awake until the wee hours because you can’t sleep? Either way, getting some zzz’s are important to function.

9. Do you feel like your body is on fire?

Maybe not literally. But close. If you constantly suffer from sharp pains like banging headaches, sore muscles and creaking backaches, you need to re-evaluate your work-life balance. Pain often does come and go. But constant pain tells you something isn’t right. Again, take care of yourselves – you are your most valuable asset!

10. Are you unhappy everyday?

singapore work life balance

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Happiness and job satisfaction aren’t mutually exclusive. But this common cliche has held true throughout time. If you find the long MRT rides at ungodly hours unbearable, and that feeling of being the first and last person is no longer fulfilling, listen to yourself. Because no amount of sacrifice won’t guarantee that you will reach where you want to be. 


These aren’t signs of weakness. These are signs you need to take better care of yourself! Singapore work life balance may be hard to achieve, but is crucial to ensuring your success in the long run.

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