Couple Gets Targeted By A Syndicate Scam In London, Warns Others On How To Handle Situation

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Just keep calm and stand your ground!

When we go on our honeymoon, we aim to enjoy our new status as married. But honeymooners are often targeted by scammers across the globe, as this one couple discovered. And whilst most of us would feel lost and scared, they managed following one simple principle.

How to avoid scams 101

singaporean couple honeymoon scam

Source: Youtube

A Singaporean couple uploaded a video of a scam happening before their eyes. Whilst on their honeymoon in London, Rashid and his wife were approached by a young Middle-Eastern man asking where Madame Toussad’s was. He looked sincere enough and non-threatening. The couple took a look at the map he is holding and pointed him in the right direction.

singaporean couple honeymoon scam

Source: Youtube

He didn’t seem to understand, so they offer to walk with him to the underground tube stop since they were heading there anyway. And it’s here when the scammers strike.

Failure to protect and serve 

En route to their destination, a couple of men with accented English stopped them. They were dressed in plain clothes and quickly flashed badges before hiding them.

In hushed voices, a man with the denim jacket says “good afternoon, police. Can I see your passports please?’.

singaporean couple honeymoon scam

Source: Youtube

They pseudo-police head over to the foreigner and ask him for his documents. They quickly turn and make a note that to the Singaporeans that they are worried he will try to sell fake currency to unsuspecting tourists.

The man protests his innocence and says he is simply a tourist.

Many of us would have panicked at the situation. However, Rashid was calm enough to have the presence of mind to ask to see the ID’s again.

The burlier of the two men wasn’t too pleased and tried to deflect the question.

singaporean couple honeymoon scam

Source: Youtube

“You don’t have to be worried, we’re here to protect you [points at couple])”.

The jig is up

After seeing that something didn’t add up, Rashid continued to ask for the ID. The tourist walked away at this point, and when the “policemen” didn’t want to answer, the Singaporean couple walked away.

The moral of the story? Stay calm and focus on the situation at hand. If it doesn’t feel right, you’ll know. Real police will tell you why they are approaching you. They will answer questions since they’ll understand how uncomfortable the situation is.


Travelling is fun, even more so on special occasions. But beware of scammers. If you do get caught, stay calm and don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself!

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