Traveller From Singapore Caught Smuggling TWO KILOS of Gold

Traveller From Singapore Caught Smuggling TWO KILOS of GoldTraveller From Singapore Caught Smuggling TWO KILOS of Gold

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Smuggling gold is a lucrative business, but if caught, could land you in jail for a very long time. This high risk, high reward “job” is one that has been on the rise at least for the past couple of decades due to rising taxes on the commodity.

Recently, customs officials in Sri Lanka have arrested two airline passengers for allegedly smuggling gold inside their rectums.

The accused have been said to be carrying 20 gold bars inside their rectums. The pair, aged 24 and 32, caught the officials’ attention as they were noticed walking “suspiciously”.

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They had arrived at Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA), near Colombo, when they were intercepted because of their “suspicious movements”.

After they were stopped and had their bodies scanned by authorities, the gold bars were allegedly found concealed in their rectal cavities.

One of the accused was found hiding eight gold bars, while the second suspected smuggler had 12 bars in his rectum. With each bar weighing around 100g, they had a combined weight of two kilos of gold.

Their total value is an estimated S$110,000 or RM326,000 (equivalent to 13 million Sri Lankan rupees). The pair would have stood to make 30% profit from selling the gold.

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Source: Reddit

Customs officials reported that the pair are residents of Hambantota, a Southern Province in Sri Lanka. They had flown in from Singapore and Chennai respectively.

After a recent tax increase on the precious metal in April 2018, Sri Lanka has experienced a hike in people smuggling gold bars and jewellery into the country, especially by flight.

The price of 24-carat gold rose to S$525 or RM1,555 (62,000 Sri Lankan rupees) in April after the government increased tax by 15 per cent, up from S$448 or RM1,329 (53,000 Sri Lankan rupees).

Smuggling gold into Sri Lanka and India are very common occurrences. In fact, it has been reported that an estimated 700kg of gold is smuggled into India every day.

Gold is the 5th most smuggled item in the world, beating out food, cigarettes, and money. The world’s most smuggled commodity is, sadly, still humans.


More and more cases of smuggling gold into Sri Lanka and India have been discovered in recent times. Don’t take the risk and don’t let anyone trick you into being their mule!

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