Songkran On A Budget: How To Celebrate The Thai Festival Without Breaking The Bank

ALL these activities sound so fun!

Songkran has recently become a holiday that is not only celebrated in Thailand but elsewhere in Southeast Asia like Malaysia and Singapore. To celebrate Songkran on a budget outside of Thailand (or even in Thailand) is easy.

You don't have to fork out lots of money for the holiday to truly enjoy its essence. This year, Songkran falls on April 12 and the long weekend stretches all the way till April 16.

Most shops will be closed during this time, so if you're planning on going out, you might want to check if your favourite restaurants are open or if your holiday plans will be affected by the public holidays.

Otherwise, there are some amazing alternatives you could try around the region.

Here are 4 ways you can celebrate Songkran on a budget:

1. Go on a Songkran cruise!

songkran on a budget

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Did you know that you could go on a cruise dedicated to the water festival? Yup! That's right. The Superstar Libra Songkran Cruise is actually a thing! You start off with a Songkran sunset sail off party where everyone's given water guns and encouraged to go all out with the water fun! All meals are provided on board as you sail from Penang to Phuket, to Krabi and then back to Penang on the 4D3N party cruise! And the fun starts from as low as S$333 per person.

2. Join in a street party

songkran on a budget

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If you're not looking to travel outside the country during the festival, then all you have to do is buy a water gun and join in the fun at any street party. Watering stations and water buckets will be set up all over for you to utilise by splashing it on people passing by in the streets. The best part is, apart from the cost of acquiring your own water gun, this activity is totally free!

3. Go on a Songkran food tour

songkran on a budget

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If you're a huge foodie and find that food is always the best way to celebrate any festive holiday, then you might want to take a trip to Genting in Malaysia. The entertainment town has its own take on Songkran celebrations by highlighting its food offerings. Highlighting the traditional Songkran meals at their dining spots including Coffee Terrace, Genting Grand and Imperial Rama, Genting has made it easy for foodies to celebrate the new year. This is also a low budget option as you can get a full weekend stay in Genting for as low as S$50 per person.

4. Do it the traditional way

songkran on a budget

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Songkran is known as a water festival but it is not just about splashing water on strangers in the streets during the new year. It is a cultural festival that symbolises purification and using water to wash away sins or bad luck. It is also a time for the Thais to visit temples to pay respects.

In most major cities, there will be at least one Thai temple where you would be able to do this. However, if you are in the heart of the action in Bangkok, you can head to Wat Pho, Wat Saket or Wat Traimit to experience Songkran merit-making and other traditions.

There you will find locals pouring water on Buddha images and on the hands of monks as a sign of respect.

Tip: Don't forget to invest in a waterproof case for your phone if you plan on taking it out anywhere during Songkran.


What will you be doing for Songkran on a budget this year? Let us know in the comments.

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