Attention To All Travellers - Updated South Korea Visa Requirements!

Attention To All Travellers - Updated South Korea Visa Requirements!

Don't go to South Korea before reading this!

Anyone planning a getaway to South Korea soon? If that’s you, it’s important to be aware of the South Korea visa requirements that were updated on July, 1 2018!


New South Korea visa requirements

south korea visa requirements

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It’s home to some of the best food and most advanced technology on the planet. And last year, nearly 14 million tourists visited South Korea. If you thought about moving to South Korea for work, there are plenty of great reasons!

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Philippines recently updated their policy for South Korea visa requirements. Now, Filipinos will need to apply for their travel visa through an accredited agency. 

Only the people who fall under the following categories will be able to have walk-in appointments:

  • Spouses or children of Koreans
  • Holders of Visa Issuance number
  • Government employees with official business trip to South Korea
  • Those with humanitarian reasons to travel to South Korea urgently


Why is there a change in policy?

south korea visa requirements

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Furthermore, the Embassy made it clear that walk-in applicants won’t be accepted! The reason for these changes is due to the increase in applicants year by year.

From July 1, 2018, visa application will be processed through designated travel agencies only due to increased number of Korean visa applicants. Total number of visa applicants increased from 90,000 in the year 2015 to 120,000 by the end of 2016. In the year 2017, total number of visa applicants recorded was around 160,000.”

And the change should hopefully bring about some efficiency, as well as save people from cooking in the sun!

“This increase in number of visa applicants caused the applicants to stand in hot weather outside the embassy for hours to wait in line for their turn to apply for respective visas. To avoid such inconvenience, the embassy has designated 35 travel agencies to process temporary visitor’s visa application”.


These updated South Korea visa requirements should make it more convenient for Filipinos looking to travel to the Land of the Morning Calm!

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