Starting Salary For ITE Grads: How Much To Expect

Starting Salary For ITE Grads: How Much To ExpectStarting Salary For ITE Grads: How Much To Expect

Once you have graduated ITE, it is time to look for a job. Be sure you’re being paid fairly with this guide on starting salary for ITE grads.

For those graduating Institute of Technical Education (ITE), you need to know the current starting salary for ITE grads.

Those who are still in ITE or just starting out, there is also good news for you.

Graduates can take up a new diploma awarded by the institution, starting from April this year.

The Work-Learn Technical Diploma programme will allow graduate students to work and study at the same time.

There are 120 places for the first intake. This is across marine and offshore engineering, mechanical and electrical services supervision, rehabilitation care, and security systems engineering.

That’s something to look forward to!

For those who want to get started in the working world immediately, check out the starting salary for ITE grads:

starting salary for ITE grads

Based on Ministry of Manpower's findings released in 2017, ITE graduates in Higher Nitec (Engineering) earn a median monthly salary of S$1,700.

This is the highest median salary for fresh graduates from ITE out of all the courses. However, for ITE graduates who have done their NS service, their median monthly salary is an increased S$2,080.

Out of all the courses, Nitec (Engineering) has the lowest monthly median salary of S$1,545 for fresh graduates. Post-NS graduates earned S$1,909.

No data was collected for Nitec info-comms technology fresh graduates. But the findings revealed that post-NS graduates in the same course got an average of S$2,000 per month as starting pay.



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