This Filipino Startup Helps SAHMs Find Online Jobs That Pay Almost $900 A Month

This Filipino Startup Helps SAHMs Find Online Jobs That Pay Almost $900 A MonthThis Filipino Startup Helps SAHMs Find Online Jobs That Pay Almost $900 A Month

Finding a dream job has never been easier!

Technology is often disrupting the way we do business. And working from home is a more frequent occurrence thanks to innovative tech that comes out daily. But stay at home moms online jobs are far and few between. Which is why Gina Romero’s Connected Women is so important in providing women a new way to work from home.

Connected Women: Stay at home moms online jobs portal

stay at home moms online jobs

Source: Connected Women

The story behind Connected Women lies in the founder’s past. Ms Romero grew up in the United Kingdom due to her mother relocating there for work.

However, not all children were as lucky as her to join up with their mothers who worked overseas. This gave birth to the startup that matched Filipino mothers to female entrepreneurs who need virtual assistance.

And the process is straightforward. Basically, ladies register on their website, arrange and conduct an interview. Afterward, they’ll be matched to available jobs. Female entrepreneurs also sign up as an employer, undergoing the same procedure.

While there are many jobs that pay poorly, Connected Women gives mothers better opportunities. Since a full-time virtual assistant can earn PHP 32,000 to PHP 48,000 per month.

At first, Connected Women began as a community which focused on helping women integrate technology into their lives. With this intent, the startup grew into a community-led content platform that helped members with marketing and growing their businesses.

“And now, with everything that we have learned over the years, we are pivoting to a tech-startup job matching platform,” Romero explained their current situation.

Success draws international recognition

stay at home moms online jobs

Source: Connected Women

Since their humble origins, Connected Women has been recognised for their efforts in helping mothers find suitable employment. As can be seen when they were one of 12 startup finalists chosen in the MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIC) Asia Regional in Thailand. The finalists were chosen on August, 24 2017 out of 165 applicants from 25 different Asian countries.

Furthermore, the group ended in the top three of the Skills Development and Opportunity Matching category, where they were awarded a $5,000 prize.

Testimonies revealing the impact of Connected Women

stay at home moms online jobs

Source: Connected Women

Lots of mothers offered their feedback on how Connected Women was so empowering for them.

For example, Moren Manalang, the company’s Events Administrator, said she loved spending more time with her family and the flexibility to work anywhere with WiFi. Also, she can skip the awful morning traffic (what a waste of time, am I right?).

The startup also caters to ladies from different backgrounds. Not to mention 26-year-old Kirstie, who is a virtual assistant to UK-based The Athena Network. The convenience and freedom of time management means she can travel when her heart wants and her budget allows. As long as she gets her work done, of course!

But above all, is the pay worth it? Rugine Cheena Galo, 27, certainly seems to think so. The Applied Mathemetics graduate worked in jobs non-related to her degree. That is, until she landed a job as an executive assistant and finance officer for Singapore-based The Projector through Connected Women.

“The pay is a whole lot better than jobs in Philippines. Remote work is a hidden treasure only a few realized. I think the best thing with Gina is that she connected me to a company related to my field so it was great matching,” Rugine explains. And with her pay, she can now fund her sister’s tuition as a medic.

“It’s no longer about fighting poverty… It’s just about wanting to explore the world and enjoying my youth”.

Stay at home moms online jobs on the rise

stay at home moms online jobs

Source: Flickr

So far, so good for Ms Romero. But she isn’t resting on her laurels. Connected Women Meetups was launched in April 2018 so women can network and learn from each other. Entrepreneurs and hopeful job seekers from across 14 cities have interacted across four countries – including UK, Singapore and Malaysia. And partnering with Facebook’s #SheMeansBusiness initiative furthers this initiative.

The founder has revealed big ambitions for the next five years. She aims to become the go-to place for any female employer who wants to hire a remote employee.

“We want to showcase the talent of Filipino women and help as many women as possible to find meaningful online careers, so they can earn a decent wage from the comfort of home”.

While she has been working from home for the past decade, she has admitted it doesn’t come without its challenges.

“While there are so many benefits, it’s important to treat the opportunity like any other career”.

“It takes a high level of focus, discipline and professionalism to be successful. You need to be comfortable with transparency and be a really good communicator”.

“It might not be for everyone, but for many, once you work from home, you can never go back to a normal job,” she said.


If you’re based in the Philippines, or know of any more stay at home moms online jobs, let us know in the comments and don’t forget to check out Connected Women. 


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