Meet The 24-Year-Old Who Manages A Multi-Million Portfolio

Meet The 24-Year-Old Who Manages A Multi-Million PortfolioMeet The 24-Year-Old Who Manages A Multi-Million Portfolio

He was supposed to become a doctor.

When people usually think of a stock trader, they think of someone older. Perhaps in their late 30s-40s, with a career under their belt.

At 24 years old, Rafael Roces doesn’t seem like your typical trader. But at his young age, he already manages a multi-million-peso portfolio, and already has a wealth of experience.

But how exactly did he become one of the youngest traders in the country?

A stock trader at 24, with a multi-million-peso portfolio

stock trader


Rafael did not set out in life to become a stock trader. “I was actually supposed to become a doctor,” he shares.

Back in 2016, stock experts Rex Mendoza and Marvin Germo conducted a talk that influenced Rafael. It made him realize that he no longer wanted to become a doctor. Instead, he wanted to focus on becoming a trader.

However, the decision to become a stock trader didn’t exactly turned out as Rafael wanted. “In my first year of trading, I was a consistent loser, I was losing my father’s money, and I was backed into a wall by the market,” he recounted.

“I was ultimately left with two decisions: either I do nothing and I just keep on doing what I’m doing, and most likely keep on losing money, or I accept the fact that I am a loser,” he continuted.

“But [that] doesn’t mean that I can’t change it. It doesn’t mean that I can’t turn around my journey. And that’s what I did.”

He participated in stock market competitions sponsored by Investagrams, which helped him gain the confidence to pursue trading despite his earlier setback. After graduating, he enrolled in an intensive eight-week program at Caylum Trading Institute (CTI) to learn more about being a trader.

Eventually, his hard work and dedication paid off. In 2017, his portfolio hit a value of 1 million, and it has only grown since then.

He credits his success with a systematic approach

stock trader


Rafael shared that he developed a set of rules which helps him minimize his losses and maximize his gains. For him, a systematic approach helps avoid the gamble of stock trading and is the proper way of doing it.

Now, he’s currently in the process of securing his broker’s license which involves attending a seminar and passing the Securities Representative Certification Exam from the PSE.

He added that he is one of the 10,000 full-time brokers here in the country, and that full-time trading is a relatively new phenomenon in the Philippines.

According to Rafael, full-time trading is riskier since he doesn’t have a job that he can fall back on. However, that pressure to avoid failure is what drives him towards his goals.

During his speech at Inspire PH, Rafael shared, “One of the ultimate goals of a full-time trader is not to make so much money in a very short amount of time. One of our ultimate goals is to consistently be profitable year-in and year-out.”


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