This Is Everything You Need To Know About Sugar Babies In Singapore

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Would you try the sugar baby lifestyle?

There are tons of dating websites out there on the web. The aim is pretty straightforward -meet someone online and see if you click. Maybe hook up once or twice and who knows! It might blossom into something long term. But some people just want to live the life of sugar babies in Singapore. Which is why they turn to TheSugarBook – Where Romance Meets Finance.

Ladies (and a few guys) sign up to match with sugar daddies – yes that’s right. They give their time, company (and whatever else!) in return for luxury gifts. What’s even more shocking is 1 in 42 Singaporean women are sugar babies!

Sugar babies in Singapore: the breakdown

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Some sugar babies claim they get showered with million dollar housessports cars and exotic vacations from their sugar daddies who are willing to splash on them. This doesn’t include luxury handbags, designer outfits and the latest gadgets.

Even if there are doubts about whether you’d get scammed, the numbers don’t lie! If we go by the maths by Must Share News, we can see that there are 20,000 Singaporeans signed up to TheSugarBook. Here’s what we know:

  • Most females signed up are aged 19-33 (include aged 18-34 to round it up!)
  • 20,000 Singaporeans registered (as of 2017)
  • 3/10 users are sugar daddies, meaning 7/10 users are sugar babies
  • 8/10 sugar babies are ladies
  • There are roughly 470,000 ladies aged between 18 and 34 (taken from SingStat) women aged 18-34
  • Which means there are 11,200 female sugar babies in Singapore.
  • For women aged 18-34 years old, there’s almost a 1 in 42 chance they are a sugar baby.

Drawing in a certain crowd?

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The Malaysia-based money-for-love dating app has 75,000 registered users. Malaysia ranks the highest, with Singapore following a close second, for registered users.

There is a particular interest in drawing in university students to the TheSugarBook. The premium monthly subscription is usually S$13.28, but students get in for free if they register with their uni email addresses. 

Money-for-love dating sites like TheSugarBook has also garnered criticism for promoting the lifestyle of sugar babies in Singapore. Marine Parade GRC MP Seah Kian Peng said,”The damage and harm it cause(s) to families and individuals alike is clear. We should also draw people’s attention to the dangers of such sites”.

However, sugar babies wouldn’t agree with this. They would claim that many sugar daddies are just looking for companionship with any strings attached. Plus, if two consenting adults agree to this style of intimacy, who’s to say this is wrong?

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It might be shocking that so many ladies could be a sugar baby since not many agree with the lifestyle of sugar babies in Singapore. 

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