This Swarovski-Combi Baby Stroller Costs A Whopping ¥1.08 Million (US$9,500)!

This Swarovski-Combi Baby Stroller Costs A Whopping ¥1.08 Million (US$9,500)!This Swarovski-Combi Baby Stroller Costs A Whopping ¥1.08 Million (US$9,500)!

And this isn't even the most expensive stroller in the world!

As if baby products are not expensive enough as it is, Japanese baby goods maker Combi Corp, released a super exclusive online Swarovski stroller worth ¥1.08 million (US$9,572)!

The ridiculously expensive baby stroller is adorned with 7,518 crystals from Swarovski, scattered across the canopy and the rims of the wheels on the stroller. 

It is currently the most expensive item the company has released to date, with a price tag of ¥1.08 million.

Exclusive Swarovski stroller for sale now

swarovski stroller

Source: Combi Corp

Combi released a statement saying that the product was created to commemorate the company’s 60th anniversary. It is part of the company’s Sugocal stroller line, popular among parents for its lightness.

The reason for the extravagant price tag is not just because of the crystals. It is also for the craftsmanship. Craftspeople sew the canopy and padded seats by hand, as well as stick each crystal onto the stroller’s rims manually, driving up labour costs.

This stroller is also made using organic cotton, for a gentle touch on your baby’s skin, for the seats and the harness covers. If you order the stroller now, it will be delivered to you within four to five weeks. 

It is also going to be made available at selected department stores in Japan for a limited time only.

Swarovski stroller not the most expensive in the world

swarovski stroller

Source: Made for Mums

Though this might seem like quite the splurge for most parents, this is considered a reasonable price to pay for a luxury stroller. 

Designer strollers by high fashion brands like the Versace Book Plus Stroller retails for about US$3,539, which is still considered mid-range. 

The Silver Cross Aston Martin Surf 3 stroller starts from US$4,000 and is sold exclusively at Harrods in London. 

But nothing can beat the Silver Cross Balmoral, known as the Rolls Royces of baby strollers. This bespoke, limited edition pram which comes in a Special Edition Rose Gold, sells for a whopping US$52,440!! It is, of course, a favourite brand and make of the Royal Family in the UK. 


Would you splurge on the Swarovski stroller or any of these other designer brand strollers, considering how fast your baby will grow out of it?

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