One Thai Woman Paid Php33 For A Dandelion Tattoo And Was Horrified With The Result!

Once inked, twice shy

We've heard of the horror stories where tattoos gone horribly wrong can just ruin your day. As one Thai lady found out, what you get may not be what you asked for! 


Ask and don't receive - tattoos gone horribly wrong

Source: Facebook / Alice Kwang King

As reported by Amarin TV, Alisa Kwang King was shopping at a local night market on Oct, 7 with her sister. They stumbled on a booth that offered affordable tattoo services, with prices starting from THB20 (Php33.10). She asked if he could get a tattoo of a dandelion and the tattoo artist quoted her THB300 (Php500). 

It was all going well until the 26-year-old noticed he was smoking and drinking beer whilst working on her shoulder blade. 

She revealed the terrible interpretation, with Christian crosses and doves being applied to his skin. Which was far from the dandelion look she was going for!

tattoos gone horribly wrong

Source: Facebook / Alice Kwang King

"I didn't get the tattoo just because it was cheap. Who would think it would turn out this way? He has his shop and everything, so I thought he could actually tattoo," Alisa said on her Facebook post.


The damage has already been done

tattoos gone horribly wrong

Source: Amarin TV

And when Alisa complained about the quality of her new decorative body mark, she claims he replied, "look at it as art". 

When seeing the tattoo she began to cry. The tattoo artist said he could try to fix his error. But she was worried he would only make it worse and hence declined his offer.

After seeing her post, a lot of tattoo artists have offered to help with Alisa's unfortunate tattoo problem.

Permanent tattoos normally cost THB1,000 minimum and can go up to THB14,000 for a large-scale tattoo, such as on your back. 

The age-old adage might ring true here - you get what you pay for!


Let this be a lesson learnt that tattoos gone horribly wrong can be avoided by checking out how much it cost in the first place!

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