Learn New Skills For Free By Taking These TESDA Online Courses!

Learn New Skills For Free By Taking These TESDA Online Courses!Learn New Skills For Free By Taking These TESDA Online Courses!

Technical Education and Skills Development Authority or more commonly known as TESDA was established in 1994 to manage technical vocational education and training in the Philippines.

This government agency initially only offered classroom training for basic courses. Thanks to today's technology and the power of the internet, TESDA has recently forayed into offering TESDA online courses. Interested individuals can now take TESDA computer courses and other course offerings through an online portal.

The TESDA online portal targets those who wish to enhance their technical skills and knowledge from all walks of life which includes professionals, laborers, out of school youth, students, and even Overseas Filipino Workers who want to upgrade their skills.

Learn New Skills For Free By Taking These TESDA Online Courses!Source: e-tesda.gov.ph

E-tesda.gov.ph sign up only takes a few minutes and requires basic personal information. By signing up, registered users gain access to a number of free TESDA online courses that are sorted by industry.

What's interesting about the TESDA online courses being offered is that the selection does not only include hard skills but also soft skills such as managing personal finances, developing self-confidence, and mastering different techniques for successful job interviews.

TESDA computer courses are also being offered which includes several introductory courses to computer programming, and development of web and mobile apps in partnership with companies like Google, Microsoft Online, Smart, Udacity, and Udemy.

These are the TESDA online courses being offered as of November 2018:

  1. Agriculture
    1. Fruit Grower
  2. Automotive 
    1. Automotive Battery Servicing
    2. Diesel Engine Tune Up
  3. Electrical and Electronics
    1. Solar Night Light Assembly
  4. Entrepreneurship
    1. Star Online Training Program
    2. Managing Your Personal Finances
  5. Human Health / Health Care
    NC II: Massage Therapy (Beta)
    1. Fundamental of Massage Practice
    2. Fundamental of Massage Therapy
    3. Swedish Massage
    4. Shiatsu Massage
    5. Thai Massage
  6. Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration
    1. Packaged Air Conditioner Unit Servicing
  7. Information and Communication Technology
    1. ICT Courses
      1. Animation (3D Digital)
      2. Basic Computer Operation
      3. SMART Android Mobile Apps Development for Beginners
      4. SMART Technopreneurship 101
      5. Web Development using HTML5 and CSS3
    2.  Microsoft Online Courses
      1. C# Fundamentals for Beginners
      2. Software Development Fundamentals
    3. Udacity – Google Courses
      1. Android Development for Beginners
      2. UX Design for Mobile Developers
    4. Udemy Courses
      1. Android 4.0 Programming in Java
  8. Lifelong Learning Skills
    1. Job Interview Skills Training Course
    2. How to Build Confidence in Your Abilities
  9. Maritime
    1. Ship’s Catering NC III (update)
  10. Social, Community Development and Other Services
    1. Beauty Care Services (Nail Care) NC II
  11. Tourism
    1. Bread and Pastry Production
    2. Cookery
    3. Food and Beverage Services
    4. Housekeeping
  12. Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)
    1. Trainers Methodology I
    2. Trainers Methodology I
  13. 21st Century Skills
    1. Environmental Literacy

How to enrol:

Enrolment in any TESDA online course is very easy. Once logged in at e-tesda.gov.ph, registered users would just need to select the course title, and click the Enrol Me button.

Learn New Skills For Free By Taking These TESDA Online Courses!

Enrolment for TESDA online courses is free and can be done instantly. Once enrolled, a course overview will be provided, together with the modules and requirements on how to move on from one module to another.

Learn New Skills For Free By Taking These TESDA Online Courses!

Study at your own pace, and at your own time. Start your TESDA online education by visiting the e-tesda.gov.ph portal.

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