This Stunning Thai Model Is Dating A Taxi Driver Earning Only $15 Per Day

This Stunning Thai Model Is Dating A Taxi Driver Earning Only $15 Per Day

Who said true love is doesn't exist?

True love, we suppose, comes in many shapes and forms. While many of us would typically have a criteria for our dream man, be it money or status or having certain characteristics. This Thai model has made it clear that money isn’t a motivation for her in relationships. As reported on Coconuts Media, Nutchanart Chaichan, a 22-year-old model, declared her unconditional love for 25-year-old Wutthichai Saeng-ngern, a taxi driver.

People are free to choose who they date, but what has drawn this Thai model ridicule and trolls on social media is her boyfriend’s status as a moto-taxi driver.

thai model love story

Source: FaceBook

Wutthichai reported earning 15,000 THB ($500) per month, which is equal to THB500 (US$15/S$20) a day. Many users have left scathing comments pointing out that he has no money and asking why she is still with him.

However, her Facebook post proved she would continue to stand strong by him, despite their supposed mismatch of social and economic status.

“Why did I choose this man? Although we are different in every way, what we have in common is our love for each other,” she wrote

A love that lasted the ages

thai model love story

Source: FaceBook

This heart-warming story was picked up from the Facebook page, YouLike. What was a simple post blew up and went viral a day after she expressed her commitment and happiness in her relationship.

Ms Chaichan revealed in an interview with Amarin TV that she has been together with her boyfriend for 5 years. The lovebirds met in their hometown, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, when they decided to go the distance together in 2013. Young and full of ambition, they both moved to Bangkok shortly afterwards.

They also started a small business together in the Ramkhamhaeng area selling clothes and shoes. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out and the entrepreneurial dream seemed to have come to a stop. Even though they were living on the bare minimum, Ms Chaichan suggested that this hardship is what strengthened their love.

“Our love has blossomed in the past 5 years. Please don’t think less of a man who works for a few coins. Both of us have worked so hard together. We’ve earned everything we have”.

They each turned to the next available jobs, which happened to be driving a taxi for Wutthichai and modelling for Nutchanart.

thai model love story

Source: FaceBook

When asked what she thought of his job and status, she said, “I’m not ashamed at all. He’s doing good, honest work”.

“Whatever you eat, I’ll eat. Wherever you go, I’ll go,” the model noted, speaking to her boyfriend. “For us, you’ve taken every job offered to you. You never complain that you’re tired. When I’m with you, I’m happy.”


Many of us could only dream of achieving these relationship goals! Will this help you get the courage to approach your special person?

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