Dirty Money In Singapore: This Is How Filthy Our Banknotes Are

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Singapore may be a very clean country but when it comes to our banknotes, we find out how dirty money in Singapore can really be.

Banknotes in Singapore were recently tested for bacteria, and we are SHOOK at how dirty (literally) money is!

In an interesting study by Dr Niranjan Nagarajan, it is found that banknotes are alarmingly filthy despite how clean Singapore is.

300 samples of banknotes were sent to laboratories to find out how clean (or dirty) they were.

The results are appalling: Things found on money in Singapore

Some of the notes carry as much bacteria as found on the soles of shoes and on toilet seats. Those are the findings of senior lecturer and researcher Simon Tan, from the Singapore Polytechnic’s School of Chemical and Life Sciences

The high bacterial count correlated with where the money was collected. Banknotes from hawker centres, hospitals, supermarkets and wet markets across the country were collected and compared.

It is found that out of all the samples, money from the wet markets has the highest bacterial count. The average banknote from wet markets contains a bacterial count of 48,000.

That's almost 1,000 times more bacteria than notes fresh from ATMs!

Notes from hawker centres are surprisingly much cleaner, with a bacterial count of 3,500. Hospitals have relatively clean notes at 1,000 bacterial count per note.

However, it seems, the cleanest notes come from supermarkets, which have an average count of 120.

It gets dirtier

Whether or not you agree with these findings, one thing is for sure: More money is changing hands in Singapore.

Over the past four years, the value of notes in circulation increased from S$30.3 billion to S$42.5 billion.  The value of coins in circulation increased from S$1.3 billion to S$1.5 billion.

We suppose you could be really careful and wear gloves every time you spend cash. Or you could consider washing your notes.

If you did that, would that be... money laundering?

Source: Channel News Asia



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