Cost Of Living: How Much Is $1 Worth Around The World?

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Your $1 has very different values around the world.

Things you can get for a dollar!

Why are some countries more expensive than others? A country’s (or even a city’s) cost of living depends on a wide range of factors: local wages, energy policies, taxes, and so forth. Here are things you can get for a dollar.

In Croatia, US$1 can get you a large scoop of the award-winning Ledo Hešteg ice cream. But in Switzerland, you can only get a can of small dog food for that amount.

In Hong Kong, where space is scarce, the cost of living is high in spite of the territory’s low wages. A car parking spot was recently sold for $664,000. Meanwhile in Thailand, where the wages are generally low, the cost of living is proportionally low, which is why Thai street food is so cheap yet so, so good.

To learn more about what US$1 can get you around the world, watch this video on the cost of living in different countries: