Thinking Long-Term: How I Became The Youngest Partner Of My Firm At The Age Of 25

Thinking Long-Term: How I Became The Youngest Partner Of My Firm At The Age Of 25

Rashmi Kwatra of Prince Street Capital Management tells us how she achieved so much at such a young age: by thinking long-term.

The short answer to that is, I have a totally long-term mindset, which is why I always prioritized learning and growing my individual capabilities.

I believe if you are most concerned about how to grow your individual capabilities, you will find yourself surrounded by people and a working culture that allow you to excel.

We are often trained to take jobs/accept university invitations because of short-term boosts in prestige or money. But in planning for long-term success, I always took the opportunities that would best prepare me and improve my capabilities.

That meant choosing University of Pennsylvania (where Wharton is the best undergraduate business school), when I wanted to hone in business skills, over Stanford or Yale (which are ranked higher on several umbrella lists). It also meant choosing a smaller, growing entrepreneurial firm to start my career over a big bank.

And guess what? By thinking long-term and always prioritizing learning and building up my own capabilities for future success, I was able to achieve success much quicker than those who think short-term and opted for traditional roles.

I encourage all parents and anyone reading this to remember that the best investment is in yourself and your abilities. In your unwavering pursuit of developing your own abilities for long-term financial freedom, you will achieve success even early on!

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Image: EY