Tickled Media Has Raised Enough To Buy 33+ Birkins In Series B Funding

Tickled Media Has Raised Enough To Buy 33+ Birkins In Series B FundingTickled Media Has Raised Enough To Buy 33+ Birkins In Series B Funding

It's a lot of money, and we've got BIG plans for it.

The cat’s out of the bag! Tickled Media, the media brand behind Asian Money Guide and theAsianparent, has raised a boatload of money — $6.7 MILLION to be exact. Tickled Media series B funding brings the startup’s funding to over $11 million.

This recent round of funding raised enough to buy 33 top tier Birkins — which aren’t enough to rival Rosmah’s collection, but we’re getting there. And though our investors won’t be letting us purchase any luxury handbags with that money any time soon, we’ve got some exciting stuff up our sleeves.

Here, we catch up with our Regional Head of Content, Carla Perlas (aka my boss), to find out how she plans to spend all this moolah.

Tickled Media series B funding: A Q&A with our Head of Content

Asian Money Guide: So, $6.7 million huh? Does this mean that we’re rich?

Carla: It’s an impressive amount, but it takes a lot of resources to run a startup, especially one that’s growing as quickly as Tickled Media. Not to mention we operate in 5 offices across Asia with over 120 employees.

So no, we’re not going on a lavish strategic planning cruise or moving to a penthouse office anytime soon — or ever. Don’t think I don’t see that dreamy sparkle in your dollar-sign stamped eyes!

AMG: Who are our investors and why do you think they gave us the funding?

C: This round was led by Global Grand Leisure, which was joined by Mountain Pine Capital and several existing investors. We also received additional venture debt financing from DBS.

Just to give you an idea of who these investors are, Global Grand Leisure has previously invested in Asian dating app Paktor. Meanwhile, Mountain Pine Capital has made investments in women-centric brands The Wedding Brigade (a wedding portal) and Purplle (a beauty portal), as well as medical assistance company Credihealth.

Tickled Media Has Raised Enough To Buy 33+ Birkins In Series B Funding

The newly launched theAsianparent app, now available on iOS.

Our growth has been nothing short of remarkable, from 1 million women in 2013 to 12 million across the Asia-Pacific. So it comes as no surprise that our investors are confident in our abilities to expand and conquer Southeast Asia and become the largest women-focused digital media company.

We already have impressive talent onboard — and with this funding, we can certainly find the right talent. So that means more AMG staff for you!

AMG: Awesome! So when you said “expand and conquer,” what are these plans exactly?

C: We are using the additional funding to fuel our reach in Southeast Asia, especially in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

We are also launching two additional media assets this year, both targeting Asian women, of course. So we’re going to be hiring a lot of new talent to add to our content, revenue and tech teams.

AMG: What kind of talent will you be looking for?

C: We want to hire go-getters who think on their feet and are willing to learn and adapt to a fast-paced environment. And of course, they have to be able to embrace challenges — our work isn’t easy, but it’s really fulfilling.

AMG: So does this mean I get a pay raise?

C: …let’s talk about this later.

See TickledMedia.com for more details. And check out this infographic about how awesome we are!

Tickled Media Has Raised Enough To Buy 33+ Birkins In Series B Funding

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