The World's First "Tindersurfer" Travelled Around Europe Using Tinder To Get FREE Accommodations

The World's First "Tindersurfer" Travelled Around Europe Using Tinder To Get FREE AccommodationsThe World's First "Tindersurfer" Travelled Around Europe Using Tinder To Get FREE Accommodations

Guess that's one way to save money on your travels.

Forget couchsurfing. There's a new way to save money when travelling: Tindersurfing.

That's right. No hotels. No Airbnb. No hostels. Just Tinder.

Tindersurfing was invented by Anthony Botta, a 25-year-old Belgian man. Just last summer, he spent two months travelling around Europe, depending totally on his Tinder matches for his accommodations.

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Guess that's one way to save money. But Botta's goal wasn't to stay economical. He just wanted adventure, one last hurrah before he graduated from university and started his marketing job.

“Money-saving plays a part but I will say it is more about meeting new people, new cultures and discovering places I have never been to," he told The Independent. "I love to get out of my comfort zone and Tindersurfing definitely took me out of it.”

Obviously, Tindersurfing isn't for everyone.

To avoid having to explain his deal to every single Tinder match, he'd send them the link to his trailer video on Youtube (see below — yes, he created a vlog for this), followed by "wanna be my host?"

Others would say yes right away, so in most cities, he'd find a place to stay. Botta says he's not "really picky" because all he's looking for is a place to sleep. But he does say that ideally, he'd find someone he's attracted to.

Many times, he wasn't so lucky.

Lots of people thought it was an interesting concept, but weren't up for letting a stranger spend the night in their home. As expected, he also got his fair share of insults and unmatching.

Sometimes, he'd struggle so much to find a host that he'd swipe right on everyone. In Vienna, he struggled so much to find a host that he was forced to travel in Bratislava, which was one hour away.

"I was hosted only by ladies I matched on Tinder," he tells Metro. "Sometimes for the best, sometimes for the worst."

The best includes staying at a girl's mansion in Berlin, or hitting it off with a girl so much that he considered spending his entire summer with her.

The worst? His Tinder match in Poland lived in a place so small that she washed her dishes in the shower. A shower clogged with a ball hair. But beggars can't be choosers, right?

Wrong. It was "disgusting," Botta says.

Sex isn't a given

Botta says that even though the girls agree to let him stay over, he doesn't expect sex all the time.

“In the end it is like a regular Tinder date: sometimes you go to bed together, sometimes not," he says. "If you don't click, if the magic doesn't happen, then I sleep happily on the sofa."

Most of the time, he'd only stay for just a night. But he liked one woman so much that he ended up staying with her for five days.

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Botta now works in Brussels, but he still Tindersurfs on his downtime. He plans on Tindersurfing in America or New Zealand soon.

Though he's had positive experiences with Tindersurfing, he doesn't recommend it for women.

"Tinder is full of creepy guys that will send you dick pics even before saying hello."

Guess we better just stick to Airbnb, girls.


What do you think of Anthony Botta and Tindersurfing? Let us know in the comments below!

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