UV Operators Requesting Fare Increase Because Of Rising Fuel Prices

Last Thursday, July 12, UV Express operators filed a petition asking the LTFRB for a 1 peso per kilometer fare increase. The operators cited high fuel prices as the reason why they're asking for a provisional increase.

However, this wasn't the first time that the group asked for a fare increase.

Is the fare increase justified?

fare increase

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In January of this year, Coalition of Operators, Drivers, Employees, Atbp (CODEX) petitioned for a 2 peso fare increase. This was double the current rate of 2 pesos per kilometer. High fuel prices were also cited as the cause for the increase.

Their most recent petition came shortly after the LTFRB approved an increase in the minimum fare for Jeepneys. Now, the current fare is 9 pesos compared to the previous 8 pesos.

If the LTFRB grants CODEX's petition, trips would be more expensive by 1 peso per kilometer, even before the LTFRB releases the final fare matrix.

According to the LTFRB, they will be studying the request and will set a hearing date for the petition.

Shuttle buses and provincial buses have also submitted their own petitions for an increase in the minimum fare. This has probably been spurred on by the LTFRB granting a 1 peso increase to jeepney fares.

How would it impact commuters?

fare increase

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If the 1 peso provisional fare increase for UV Express shuttles are granted, commuters will have an even harder time trying to make ends meet.

Most commuters opt to take UV shuttles instead of buses or jeepneys since it's more convenient, and they usually have stops near offices. However, an increase of 1 peso per km. might make other forms of transportation more viable.

With an increased cost in both the jeepney and the UV express fare, it would really be taxing on commuters' wallets.

This becomes worse for commuters whose only option is to take the shuttles. It's an added burden to the commuters that was brought about by the increasing cost of fuel in the country.

Hopefully, if the LTFRB does grant the fare increase, it will only be temporary. Because if not, regular people will be the ones getting the short end of the stick.


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