Man Walks 40KM In Snow To Save On Cab Fare So He Can Buy Wife New Clothes

Man Walks 40KM In Snow To Save On Cab Fare So He Can Buy Wife New ClothesMan Walks 40KM In Snow To Save On Cab Fare So He Can Buy Wife New Clothes

What a sweetheart!!! #couplegoals

There are some acts of love that are hard to forget and this one will be something we remember for quite a while. Back in February this year, a man in China decided to walk home in snow, ALL 40KM in the blistering cold winter, just to get home to his wife. 

Sixty-year-old Zhao Fangzi had no choice but to make his journey back home on foot because the bus service was shut down due to heavy snow. 

He wanted to save money to buy new clothes for his wife, so he decides to walk home in snow

walk home in snow

Source: SCMP

Not wanting to waste 200 yuan (approx. US$30) to take a cab home, he had to walk the entire distance back to his hometown in Mengjin. He also did not want to spend the night in Shanghai city to wait for the bus service to resume operations the next day, as renting a hotel room would cost a lot.

“If I had stayed there and waited, I would’ve had to check in to a hotel, which would have cost extra money too. So I decided to walk home.”

Zhao makes only 2,000 yuan (approx. US$300) a month as a construction worker in Shanghai and taking a cab would have cost him 10% of his monthly income.

He started walking from Luoyang train station to his hometown in Mengjin County, central Henan province, in the morning after arriving by train from Shanghai. He had to make it through the wind and the snow for 40km before arriving home to see his wife.

He said the money he saved from walking was better off spent on his wife for new clothes during Chinese New Year, South China Morning Post reported. Awwww.

Walk home in snow

walk home in snow

Source: SCMP

“It’s not that cold,” Zhao said, with a towel on his head to shield his hair from the snow. “And the more you walk, the warmer you feel.”

In an interview he gave, he said that he had decided to retire, and this trip home would be one-way. He was seen carrying all his belongings in his arms, such as sleeping mat, electric fan, and bedding. “I’m (already) 60, and it’s time to retire. We have pensions too, after all,” he said.

What a sweet story! Maybe true love does exist after all. 


What do you think of this man who decided to walk home in snow to buy his wife new clothes for the new year? Isn’t it heartwarming?

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