Things You Should Never Wear To Work -- Just To Be Safe

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Women spend on average 14 minutes deciding what to wear to work. Shorten that time by cutting out these items you should never wear to work.

Every work day, women spend 14 minutes thinking about what they should wear to work. Men spend nine minutes.

While there are no hard and fast rules, these are some things you should never wear to work.

TotalJobs ran a survey of 2,000 office workers in the UK (50% male and female split).

It found that 9% of women had been sent home because their boss deemed their attire "inappropriate".

Over a quarter of female workers surveyed revealed that they had received unwanted comments about their appearance.

What not to wear at work? Things you should never wear to work, prevent unwarranted opinions

The same survey showed that 16% of women said their superior had taken them aside to warn them not to wear a "revealing" outfit again. And 15% said there was a lack of clarity in the workplace about a dress code.

When women dressed down they were asked if they were "tired" or "sick", more than men.

9% claimed they have no sense of what management wanted them to wear.

When asked, respondents agreed that these are the top 5 things they would never wear to work:

what not to wear at work

1. Shorts (57%)

2. Hoodies/Tracksuits (52%)

3. Slogan T-Shirts (48%)

4. Hats (46%)

5. Flip-flops (41%)

It would seem like quite a trivial matter to pay attention to, but when corporate staff dress up in a manner that says, "I am professional", they are more likely to be treated with the respect they deserve.

Nothing says "I'm an intern" quite like a slogan t-shirt and a hoodie, paired with sneakers and a cap. After all, you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have!


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