What’s your Secret Superpower? How To Unlock Your Hidden Abilities And Become Your Best Self

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You could be hiding abilities you never knew you had! Anjali Nainani, a teacher, writes about how you unlocking "superpowers" and being your best self.

If you’re a fan of the Marvel and DC Movies, you’ve probably had a few whimsical thoughts about superpowers—what would it be like to have them? Which superpower would you have, if you could choose? How would you use them?

But I’m writing to tell you that you do have superpowers.

Let’s start with some general questions:

  1. Are you a leader? And if you are not, do you want to be one?
  2. Do you run away from your problems or do you face them?
  3. Do you wear several masks, in front of various crowds of people every day?
  4. Do you know who you truly are?

Each of us has character strengths and prominent personality traits. The key to unlocking our hidden abilities is using self-reflection to discover them, then using them in ways that will benefit us and those around us.

What superpowers do you have?

Below are some insights into deeper ways of thinking that can help you unlock some of your hidden strengths.

1. Owning leadership

what superpowers do you have

Everyone has the capacity to be a leader. In order to be a good leader, you must master qualities such as being a good listener, being adaptive and innovative, and also being able to reason with those around you.

Many leaders can be rather stubborn, and while that quality is often looked upon as being detrimental to our success, if used in the right context, stubbornness can be extremely useful. For example, if you are stubborn for a good cause such as helping the environment or underprivileged, that’s not a bad quality.

It always depends on how you use your personality traits. A good leader can be brave and take charge, and can still be delicate and soft.

Don’t be ashamed to look and sound different, that’s your uniqueness. Stand out.

2. Facing Obstacles

what superpowers do you have

Fear is our biggest enemy of facing almost anything in life. When you conquer fear and realise that you are limitless, success has no ceiling. For anything new to be created, there has to be destruction, or new beginnings will not successfully happen.

However when your mind is constantly filled with fears, you often have a ‘flight or fright’ reaction. You can eradicate fear by thinking, ‘What’s the worst that could happen?’ That gives your mind peace and courage.

We must allow ourselves to let go of fear and detach from the outcome, as fear (to quote Master Yoda) often leads to sorrow.

Facing obstacles is a daily part of our lives and if you set your mind and use a trident to destroy fear, everything becomes achievable. Obstacles will seem like opportunities.

3. Unveiling Your Mask(s)

what superpowers do you have

Do you ever feel like you cannot be yourself and are wearing a ‘mask’ to fit in?

Sometimes we wear different masks to fit into various settings, perhaps at work, home, with friends, colleagues etc. Often we try to fit into a crowd and show others that we can be a certain type of person, however, we will never be happy with ourselves if we keep doing this.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “You are what you think all day long.” You are not what you show to others. So own your quirks, then people will accept you for who you are.

4. Finding Your Bliss

what superpowers do you have

What is the one thing in life we all want to achieve and strive to achieve in every possible way? Think.

The answer? Happiness.

Normally, our mind is turned outward towards objects that bring us temporary happiness—for example, power, status and money. If these things could bring us happiness forever, they would be known to be permanent, but none of these things lasts forever, and thus cannot bring us real happiness.

Many of us are still constantly seeking happiness. If you turn your mind inward and start contemplating the question: ‘Who Am I?’, you will soon discover that you are bliss itself.

Your best friend is you, yourself and likewise, you are also your biggest enemy.

We all have superpowers within us, although most of us don’t look like Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman (some of us may!). We just have to discover these hidden abilities with the right thought patterns. Believe it and try it!


Did this article inspire you to unlock your hidden abilities? Let us know in the comments!

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