Signs You Should Quit Your Job: 8 Ways To Find Out If It’s Time To Leave

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Should you stay or should you go?

We all have off days at work; sometimes they get so bad that quitting seems to be the only answer. But how do you know if you should persevere, or if you should go with your first instincts and leave?

When to quit your job immediately?

Go through this list and see if these apply to you. If they do, and if you’ve been feeling like this for quite a while, it might be time for you to update your resume and start looking for something better.

1. You’re dragging yourself to work every day

when to quit your job immediately

There’s a difference between simply feeling lazy and being absolutely miserable at the mere thought of your job. If you’re regularly feeling deep dread about going to the office, then it might be time to leave.

2. You’re no longer learning

when to quit your job immediately

If you’re feeling too comfortable in your current role, watch out. You might be in very real danger of career stagnation. You should be improving at your job, picking up new skills and competencies that will come help you advance your career.

3. You don’t care about doing a good job

when to quit your job immediately

Everyone procrastinates. But if you spend most of your day watching cat videos or scrolling through social media feeds, that’s a problem. If you aren’t feeling engaged, if you’re fine doing subpar work, it’s probably time give your two weeks’ notice.

4. Your boss doesn’t give you helpful feedback

when to quit your job immediately

Having the right kind of leadership is essential for career advancement. If your boss doesn’t care enough to mentor you (or at least give constructive feedback), then you should start looking around to find the leadership you need.

5. You’re not advancing in your company

when to quit your job immediately

If you’ve been at your current position for a few years and you still haven’t gotten a significant raise or a promotion, it might be time to leave. Don’t waste your best years working for a company that won’t reward your hard work.

6. Your office has a toxic culture

when to quit your job immediately

Sadly, no matter how perfect your job may seem on the surface, your professional welfare is highly dependent on the people you work with. The people you work with may be really negative and unmotivated—you might risk losing your drive. Or the office politics may be so bad that it starts getting in the way of your work.

Once you recognise that you’re working with a toxic culture, start looking around the job market. You can’t afford to get sucked into that negativity.

7. You don’t have work-life balance

when to quit your job immediately

How many times have you had to cancel on girls’ night out? When was the last time you had a free weekend? Has your work stress seeped into your personal life, making your patience short? Your job isn’t worth sacrificing your personal life for, and there are plenty of jobs out there that will let you have some work-life balance. You deserve better.

8. Your health is suffering

when to quit your job immediately

Stress can take a toll on your health—physically, mentally, and emotionally. If your work stress is giving you ulcers, if you can no longer sleep soundly at night, if you’re feeling depressed, then get yourself out of that situation. Stat.

A parting note

Even though the grass is probably greener on the other side, you should take care to leave your job on a high note. Give management enough notice to let them find a replacement and make sure that you don’t leave any loose ends. Be professional and gracious—you’ll never know if you’ll cross paths again in the future.

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