THIS Is The Hardest Question During A Job Interview And People Never Know How To Answer It

THIS Is The Hardest Question During A Job Interview And People Never Know How To Answer ItTHIS Is The Hardest Question During A Job Interview And People Never Know How To Answer It

"Why do you want to work here?"

You’re at yet another job interview and you’ve answered all your interviewer’s questions with enough depth. You come across as interesting and enthusiastic about the opportunity to work there. So far so good. That is until they ask “So tell me, why do you want to work here?”. If you’ve never known how to answer this, you’re not alone. Whether you’ve got your eye on a promotion or want to enter into your dream job, our why do you want to work here sample answer will make sure you’re never caught out by this question again!

why do you want to work here sample answer

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Why do I need a “why do you want to work here sample answer”?

why do you want to work here sample answer

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It can seem like such an obvious question, let’s be honest. At the risk of appearing sarcastic or patronising, surprisingly the fact is 9 times out of 10 hiring managers will throw this question into the mix.

It’s actually more complicated than it initially sounds. What potential employers are looking for are answers to two specific questions – why do you want to work for this company, and why do you want this job?

You might have breezed through their previous questions that give you a chance to show off your skills and experience. These questions need a slightly more nuanced approach. Here’s how!


Four mistakes to avoid when tackling why you want to be there

1. Being too generic

Surely you want the employer to remember you, for all the right reasons. Anyone can say “because your company is the best”. And you also come across as knowing nothing about the company. Big turn offs for employers!

2. Using inappropriate humour

Generally, humour is great is showing your character. But there’s a time and a place. The issue with humour is that someone will always be the butt of the joke. “Well, clearly you guys need someone to save this ship from sinking!”. That kind of answer definitely will sink. You’re actually not far from your aim – you want to show them WHY you’re so valuable! But it needs to be done in the right way.

3. Your answer is too honest

“The pay is great and I’m hyped about the benefits”. It’s too soon to show the attraction. Plus this answer says that you take everything, and there’s nothing to gain for the employer. Remember they have the final say whether they hire you or not. What do THEY benefit from hiring you?

4. Giving a flaky answer

“Uh…your company is really great and um…I think that working here would fulfil my career ambitions and er…I just feel like it would be really beneficial for both parties so…yeah. I think that’s it”. 

Being nervous is completely normal. Stuttering and stammering is disorienting for you and equally shows the interviewer that you buckle under pressure. You can easily solve this by practising what to say in front of a mirror or role playing with a trusted friend.


How to address why you want to work at that company

why do you want to work here sample answer

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The focus of your answer should be on why do you want to work there and what you think you can bring to the table. We know the pay is decent and the company perks are useful. But to really impress your interviewers, you need to make sure the answer is tailored! 

Moreover, this is where you get to show off your research about the company and tie in your skills that you might not have had a chance to mention earlier. It’s helpful to personalise your response so it doesn’t come across as a textbook answer.

Why do you want to work here sample answer

why do you want to work here sample answer

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For instance, if you have come across a company’s achievements during your research, bring it up.

“I’m aware of the company’s consistent achievements over the past five years which resulted in winning “Best Investment Information Source” at the annual awards consecutively. With my five years of experience as a financial advisor and freelance analyst, I hope that my unique skill set can bring an extra edge to its excellent reports above its competitors. And I hope that I can be part of an award-winning team that has amazing work ethic. I have been looking forward to learning more about the mining industry and analysing those stocks”.

This response shows the interviewee is well aware of the company’s status as being an industry leader as reflected by the rewards. Furthermore, they propose that their skills will really help the company and explain they also hope to be part of a competent team.


We hope our “why do you want to work here sample answer” helps you feel more prepared to smash that interview!

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