Woman Proposes To Her Boyfriend With Car And S$200,000 And He Walks Away

Woman Proposes To Her Boyfriend With Car And S$200,000 And He Walks AwayWoman Proposes To Her Boyfriend With Car And S$200,000 And He Walks Away

He couldn't bring himself to cross the bridge to accept her proposal.

Proposals of late have become ridiculous. Whether it is men or women proposing, the gifts they present to their other halves during the proposal have just gotten more and more outrageous. Especially in China. 

Another notable case of an extravagant proposal gone wrong in China is the recent case of the woman proposing with a new car and one million yuan in cash (equivalent to about S$200,000)! 

Woman proposing with car and cash gets rejected

woman proposing

Source: YouTube

Recently, in mid-August, a woman reportedly proposed to her boyfriend with a brand new car and also 1 million yuan in cash.

The proposal happened on a 30-meter-high glass bridge in Xinmi, Henan province, according to The Paper.

The hopeful woman, Xiao Jing, 23, proposed to her boyfriend, Xiao Yu, also 23, atop the glass bridge, bearing her expensive gifts. 

But it wasn’t as easy as just accepting the proposal. 

Xiao Jing had a test for her boyfriend. 

Final test for her boyfriend

woman proposing

Source: YouTube

All he had to do was cross the bridge to get to her.

“We’ve been dating for three years. I’m happy that I met you but I can’t marry you because of your timid personality,” Xiao Jing said. “Everything is ready. All you have to do is to walk past the corridor and I will marry you.”

But Xiao Jing had a fear of heights and was seen in the viral video struggling to even get on the bridge. Even after being coaxed (and dragged) by his friends, he couldn’t bring himself to cross the bridge.

After some struggle, he decided enough was enough and walked away from his woman proposing to him.

woman proposing

Source: YouTube

Of course, the video of the failed proposal went viral on social media. Watch for yourself here.



What do you think? If a woman proposing to you came with a brand new car and a million yuan in cash, would you cross that glass bridge? Let us know in the comments.

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